ARP: budget debate marathon set to start Friday [Upd 1]

The parliament is set to start Friday the budget debate marathon. A timeline was set and approved by the bureau of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (French: ARP).

Bureau members discussed, as they met last November 7, plenaries dedicated to the draft State budget and the draft finance law for 2024 and approved the calendar. The curtains will come on debates next December 10 at the latest.

The government budget statement, which will be read out by Premier Ahmed Hachani, will signal the beginning of debates. Then, the report of the Committee on Finance and Budget on the draft State budget for 2024 will be read.

A general debate on the draft State budget and the finance bill will take place ensuingly.

The Premier’s reponse to speeches by MPs is scheduled to take place on November 18 (morning session), as set out in the timeline.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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