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ARP willing to work closely with government, says Bouberbala - Uganda Newswire

ARP willing to work closely with government, says Bouberbala

Speaker of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP) Brahim Bouderbala on Friday pointed out the parliament’s willingness to work closely with the government, pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution.

Speaking at the opening of a plenary session held Friday to review the draft 2024 State budget and the Finance Bill, Bouderbala said he wanted this plenary session to be an opportunity to examine the government’s vision for overcoming all difficulties, as well as its reform programme in various fields.

“The Parliament shares with the government the foundations on which the July 25 process is based, in particular the principles of autonomy and the social role of the State,” he said.

“The Parliament expects to receive a set of draft laws on fundamental reforms regarding the country’s economic and financial situation and the investment and administrative sectors,” he added.

Bouderbala pointed out the need to review all the laws which are no longer adapted to the provisions of the Constitution of Jul
y 25, 2022, underlining the urgent need to consider certain laws, including the law on the Constitutional Court and the law governing the relationship between the ARP and the National Council of Regions and Districts (CNRD).

Besides, the Speaker called for endeavouring to restore confidence in the State institutions and to entrench the culture of work with a view to building and preserving the future of the next generations in Tunisia.

“Tunisia will be working on reforms covering practically all development fields, including tax justice, diversification of the national economy, integration of the informal economy, modernisation of the administration and encouragement of investment,” he said.

The plenary session to consider the draft 2024 State budget got underway in the presence of 144 MPs (the majority required 81 MPs) and the government team.

Prior to the start of proceedings, those present recited the Fatiha in memory of the victims of the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Plenary sessions on
budget debates will run till December 10.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse


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