Ben Arous-Local elections: Two candidates launch election campaign

Sarah Salhi, candidate for the "El Iskan neighbourhood" constituency in Ben Arous, and Aya Allagui, candidate for the Mornag-Ouest constituency, started campaigning on Monday for the local elections scheduled for December 24. Candidate Sarah Salhi told TAP during her campaign among the residents of her constituency, that she has centred her electoral programme on the promotion of urban transport in the region and the expansion of the road network. She also undertook to improve public health facilities, refurbish educational establishments and create leisure spaces for families. Meanwhile, candidate Aya Allagui toured public areas to meet voters in her region and present her election manifesto, which focuses notably on expanding urban transport lines, improving public services, particularly at the intermediate health centre, renovating educational establishments and finding a solution to the problem of proliferating waste. Sarah Salhi is the only candidate in the Al-Iskan constituency, while Aya Allagui i s running in the Mornag-West constituency with four other candidates. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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