Burkina: Powerful bombs rain on terrorists in Kankanmogré

Ouagadougou: The Burkinabè army used powerful bombs this Tuesday on groups of terrorists who had found refuge in recent days in the heart of the Kankanmogré forest in the Center-East region, according to reports. security sources. Several groups of terrorists have arrived in recent days in waves in the heart of the Kankanmogré forest, in the Koulpélogo province, Center-East region. Observations of air vectors have shown that it is a large base from which criminals prepare their attacks and meet up after their crimes. This Tuesday, April 2, 2024, as many criminals as possible were present on the scene and were scattered over a large area. The pilots then dropped several powerful bombs on them until the base was annihilated. The pilots did not have time to savor this success as other terrorists showed up the same afternoon in the Ouahigouya area, in the Northern region. Indeed, the VDP of Kouba had just valiantly repulsed a horde of criminals who fled. Aerial vectors saw them near Thiou where they hid un der thick trees. Acolytes joined them to take stock… In fact, the last assessment. Indeed, a missile broke away from the side of the air vector at the speed of light and hit them violently. Under the trees, the criminals will burn with their devices while the operations continue. Source: Burkina Information Agency

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