Cloud computing project to be launched in Tunisia in 2024 (Higher Education Minister)

The Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry will launch, in 2024, a project on cloud computing, the first of its kind in Tunisia, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Moncef Boukthir said on Monday. Addressing deputies during a plenary session held at the Bardo Parliament, the minister underscored that this project costs around 9 .6 million dinars. It will help create cloud-based digital systems which will provide a national data storage space, thus promoting the protection of digital data against leaks. He indicated that this project, which he described as "a national security project" will be ready in the coming months. The minister pointed out that Tunisia ranks tenth in terms of scientific production and number of technical articles and publications out of a total of 132 countries. He revealed that Tunisia ranks 40th in the world in terms of advanced technology exports. He, however, recognized that there is little interaction with the economic environment. He explained that the country ranks 98th in the world according to the investment and business climate index, a ranking he described as «dishonorable». Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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