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Draft State budget for 2024 in figures - Uganda Newswire

Draft State budget for 2024 in figures

The draft State budget for 2024 is set at TND 77,868 million, i.e. up 9.3% (+TND 6,629 million) compared to the updated results for 2023. Own resources for the 2024 State budget are estimated at TND 49,160 million, up 8.4% (+TND 3,800 million) compared to 2023. They account for 63.1% of the State's resources. Tax revenues are expected to generate TND 44,050 milion, that is 89.6% of State net revenues. Estimated non tax-revenues stand at TND 4,760 million (9.7%) while grants amount to TND 350 million (0.7%) Tunisia's debts are projected to reach TND 139.9 billion by the end of 2024 against 127.1 billion provided for under the 2023 budget, that is a rise by TND 12 billion. State debts account for 79.81% of GDP at the end of 2024 against 80. 20% in 2023 and 79.83% in 2022. The State budget earmarks TND 3.591 billion for the subsidisation of commodities, down 5.6% on 2023 (TND 3.805 billion). An additional TND 2.6 billion in grain subsidy payments is provided for under the draft budget, that is more than o ne third of commodity subsidies (excluding fuel and transport). The draft State budget makes TND 7.086 billion available for fuel and electricity subsidies (+ TND 56 millon). Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse


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