Fight against corruption not targeting businesspeople operating within law, President Saied stresses at meeting with UTICA’s Majoul

"The fight against corruption does not target businesspeople who operate in full compliance with the law," President Kais Saied stressed, as he met, Monday at the Carthage Palace, President of the Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) Samir Majoul refuting the claims of some in this regard. This meeting was an opportunity for the President to recall the national role of this long-standing organisation and to call on all its members to support the State's efforts at this stage in Tunisia's history, according to a statement from the Presidency. The President of the Republic explained that the majority of businesspeople are victims of corruption and tyranny, pointing out that they are not only the owners of large companies, but also the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises. He added that not a few of them were still complaining about legislation that was designed to benefit a few, and were suffering from lobbies that wanted to take all the country's wealth for themselves, while pro tecting themselves through this legislation and its implementers. President Saied stressed the need for financial institutions in general to play a role in promoting a national economy based primarily on self-reliance and the creation of real wealth that benefits everyone on the basis of social justice. "Wealth that is calculated on the basis of rents, and then growth rates are calculated on the basis of it, for deception and misinformation, is not wealth on which a national economy can be based," he was quoted as saying. The President of the Republic also stressed the need for the UTICA to contribute to lowering prices, given that the excessive increase in prices of a number of basic materials has burdened the overwhelming majority of Tunisians, including small traders and industrialists, and that internal and external challenges can only be met through mutual support and solidarity. Source: EN - Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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