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Launch of national campaign to combat violence against children - Uganda Newswire

Launch of national campaign to combat violence against children

The launch of a national campaign to combat violence against children and the start of the month of child protection (from November 20 to December 20, 2023) was announced by Minister for the Family, Women, Children and the Elderly, Amel Belhaj Moussa, on Monday in Tunis. During the launch ceremony of this national campaign on World Children's Day, which is observed every year on November 20, the Minister explained that the choice of the slogan "he will grow and will not forget' for this campaign, organised in collaboration with UNICEF, aims to break with the social justification and legitimisation of violence against children and the underestimation of its negative impact. She stressed that this national campaign, which targets different social categories, especially parents, children and childhood professionals, aims to create a sense of community in the fight against all forms of violence against children, and to raise awareness and educate about the legal and psychological aspects, as well as the effect s of violence on children and society. The campaign also aims to encourage the children concerned to speak out and report all threats and forms of violence they are exposed to, by informing them about the concept of violence and threats, reporting mechanisms and protection services available. Starting Monday, a series of television, radio and digital spots will be broadcast through a network of media, websites and social networking sites at national, regional and local levels. A major urban communication campaign will also be launched in all governorates from Tuesday, November 21, with wall posters to raise awareness of the importance of combating violence against children. As part of the campaign, a 2D animated film aimed at children and young people will be shown in schools. It focuses on the different forms of violence, with advice for children on the seriousness of violence and the reporting mechanisms available. Several influential national figures, including artists, intellectuals and athletes, will act as ambassadors to support this campaign on the ground and through their accounts on social media or by appearing in various media, said Minister Amel Belhaj Moussa. She added that from 2024, the second phase of the campaign will be implemented through the programming of various field activities targeting children, families and professionals in the field of childhood in all governorates. Source: EN - Agence Tunis Afrique Presse