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Loroum/CCC: Education on the menu of discussions - Uganda Newswire

Loroum/CCC: Education on the menu of discussions

The special delegation of the commune of Titao held on Thursday, September 7, 2023 in Ouahigouya, the first session of the Communal Consultation Framework (CCC), for the year 2023. The discussions focused on the situation of the education of children in the municipality.

On Thursday, September 7, 2023, the situation of the education of children in the municipality caught the attention of members of the Titao Communal Consultation Framework (CCP), in the Northern region.

In their communication, those responsible for the basic and secondary education sectors took stock of 2021-2023.

Since the relocation of administrative services to Ouahigouya, the education sectors, with the support of state and non-state partners, have developed local initiatives to ensure educational continuity.

Volunteers were recruited from both primary and secondary schools to teach classes in Titao.

These initiatives made it possible to organize in 2022 and 2023, the primary studies certificate in Titao and Ouahigouya and the first cycle studies certificate in Titao in 2023.

Candidates from the Loroum groups took part in the BEPC and baccalaureate exams in Ouahigouya in 2022 and 2023.

All of these actions made it possible to obtain results beyond the national average. Indeed, in the CEP in 2022, the municipality achieved a score of 71% and 82% in 2023.

In BEPC 2022, the success indicator was 33.48% and 58.99% in 2023. In the baccalaureate, the province had a result of 34.78%. “This year again we will continue the initiatives and even strengthen them to ensure educational continuity. All measures will already be taken to start from the start of the school year, unlike the previous year which experienced a delay in starting,” reassured provincial director of post-primary and secondary education in Loroum, Souleymane Ouermi.

And continues that “The Provincial High School will be open to welcome students on site. Students who cannot join Titao will continue their studies in Ouahigouya in the group establishment.”

The head of the Basic Education District (CEB) of Titao, Ram Bonkoungou declared that primary classes will be opened for the benefit of the children of Titao.

“We are doing everything we can to ensure that classes open in Titao. We even intend to exceed the 6 schools from the previous year,” maintained Mr. Bonkoungou.

He deplored some logistical and human difficulties. The head of the CEB also noted problems with supplies and table-benches and insufficient staff.

Ram Bonkoungou requested support from partners for quality education in the commune of Titao.

After the communications, discussions allowed the participants to resolve a certain number of gray areas.

The Loroum province is experiencing a difficult security situation. Faced with this situation, numerous initiatives have been developed to ensure educational continuity.

Source: Burkina Information Agency