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Medenine-CTN: Tunisian expats' return season begins - Uganda Newswire

Medenine-CTN: Tunisian expats’ return season begins

MEDENNE: The Carthage ferry arrived at the port of Zarzis (Medenine governorate) at 8am on Saturday. It came from the port of Marseille with 839 passengers and 427 vehicles on board. Director of the port of Zarzis, Anis Zaned, pointed out that "this first voyage marks the start of the sea crossings planned by the Tunisian Shipping Company (CTN) to ensure the return of Tunisians living abroad". Nine crossings are planned, six return crossings between Marseille and Zarzis and three one-way crossings. The crossings to the port of Zarzis are set for July 8 and 23, August 8 and September 16, in addition to a crossing from the port of Genoa (Italy), on August 23. The three departures are scheduled for August 8 and 26 and September 16. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse


Partly cloudy skies on Saturday night

Tunis: The weather is expected to be partly cloudy on Saturday night across most regions, according to the National Institute of Meteorology (INM).

The wind will blow from the east, light to moderate. The sea conditions in the Serrat area will range …