Sissili/Treasury: The new provincial treasurer Sami Son installed

The high commissioner of the province of Sissili, Tewendé Isaac Sia officially installed on Thursday, May 16, 2024, the new provincial treasurer (TP) of Sissili, Sami Son. This ceremony was attended by the Central-West regional treasurer, Maboudou Kekelé, the provincial bodies, friends and relatives of the outgoing and incoming provincial treasurer and numerous guests. The new provincial treasurer (TP) of Sissili, Sami Son expressed his gratitude to his hierarchy for the trust placed in his modest person. Mr. Son replaces the treasury inspector, Saïdou Sawadogo, who has been called to other functions. He reassured the population of Sissili that he will work to meet the expected challenges while counting on the support of his collaborators. The incoming TP congratulated his predecessor for his services rendered to the State during his 6-year stay in the province of Sissili. The regional treasurer of the Center-West, Maboudou Kékélé expressed all the recognition of the general management of the treasury to the outgoing TP, whose spirit of commitment, discretion and availability allowed all entities to function well. He urged the new TP to build on the achievements of his predecessor to add earth to the earth. Mr. Kékélé hoped that courage and resilience would guide him in accomplishing his mission. Maboudou Kékélé also invited Mr. Son to prioritize communication with his collaborators and partners. After 6 years at the head of the provincial treasury of Sissili, the outgoing treasurer, Saïdou Sawadogo was pleased with the results achieved. Mr. Sawadogo expressed his gratitude to the high commissioner of the province, to the established bodies and to his superiors for the support and frank collaboration. He congratulated his successor on his appointment as head of the provincial treasury of Sissili. The outgoing TP also invited the new one to do everything possible to meet the challenge. The representative of the constituted bodies, Mimtiri Ouabéogo praised the TP released for the work accomplished during his time at the head of the main treasury of Léo. He thanked Saïdou Sawadogo for his availability to support the different structures in achieving their objectives. Mr. Ouabéogo also welcomed and wished a pleasant stay to the TP, Sami Son. He asked him to grant all structures the same support and availability that they had with his predecessor. 'The actions of all provincial directorates cannot be effective without the support of the state portfolio holders,' concluded Mr. Ouabéogo. Source: Burkina Information Agency

The European Union highlights differences with Burkina but reassures that it remains committed alongside the Sahel countries

Ouagadougou: Received this Monday by the head of Burkinabe diplomacy, the special representative of the European Union for the Sahel, Emanuela Claudia Del Re, estimated Monday that there were 'some divergences' with Burkina Faso on certain issues but that there still remains a consensus for which the Union is still committed alongside the Sahel countries. 'Despite some differences, there is a consensus and this consensus is that the EU remains committed alongside the countries of the Sahel' indicated Emanuella Del Re after her meeting in Ouagadougou with Minister Jean Marie Karamoko Traoré and whose remarks were reported by the communications services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the interview, the European diplomat asked for information on the perspectives of the Transition and the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) on relations between Burkina Faso and neighboring or non-neighboring African countries. and outside Africa, as well as on the attempts to violate human rights which have recently hit the headlines. 'We came to listen to you and see how we can strengthen our cooperation,' added the diplomat, recalling that the EU is one of the main donors in Burkina Faso, with interventions mainly in the humanitarian field and in terms of development cooperation. Human Rights Watch released a report last April accusing the defense and security forces of having violated human rights during counter-terrorism operations. The European Union, which seems to give credence to these accusations, is putting pressure on the government. For its part, the Burkinabè Government invited national and international organizations which present themselves as Burkina's partners in the promotion and protection of Human Rights to distance themselves from any destabilizing enterprise and instead to cooperate in a spirit of sincerity and of mutual trust Source: Burkina Information Agency

Namentenga: The new provincial director of the national police Olivier Baguimzanré installed

The new provincial director of the Namentenga national police, the main police commissioner, Olivier Baguimzanré officially took office on Thursday, May 16, 2024 in Boulsa, in the Center-North region. The ceremony was chaired by the secretary general of the province, Bassouleymane Ouattara. The new provincial director of the Namentenga national police, the main police commissioner, Olivier Baguimzanré was officially installed in his functions on Thursday, May 16, 2024 in Boulsa, by the secretary general of the province, Bassouleymane Ouattara. Baguimzanré also reassured the bodies and the hierarchy of his commitment to carry out his mission in Namentenga, in strict compliance with the rules. The ceremony was attended by the provincial director of the national police of the province of Sanmatenga, the main police commissioner Aboubacar Tiétiembou representing the regional director of the Center-North and members of the established bodies of the province. The new DP of the Namentenga national police replace s the chief police commissioner, Léandre Sanou, in this position. 'Help him succeed in his mission. You have our support and our accompaniment,' implored Aboubacar Zoétienga, representative of the regional director of the national police of the Center-North. For the occasion, the staff delegate, lieutenant, Diassioo Woba, translated the staff's recognition to the chief police commissioner, Boukaré Bonkoungou who acted with professionalism and efficiency as provincial director. Lieutenant Woba welcomed and every success to the new DP of the Namentenga national police, Olivier Baguimzanré, who he undertakes to support in his delicate and noble mission. He also requested equipment and reinforcement of personnel to face the difficulties of the security institution. The provincial director of post-primary and secondary education in Namentenga, Abdoulaye Yarbanga, reflected the commitment of all bodies to the success of the mission of the new DP of the national police. He invited them to remain in synergy of actions for the development of the province. The secretary of the Namentenga province, Bassouleymane Ouattara, for his part, noted that incoming DP, Olivier Baguimzanré has all the support of the active forces in the success of his mission. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Ouagadougou: The gendarmerie educates students about the harmful effects of drugs.

Ouagadougou: The national gendarmerie initiated Monday at the headquarters of the Burkinabè Association for the Promotion of the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABPAM), an awareness day for the benefit of blind and visually impaired students, on the harmful effects of drug use and road safety. The national gendarmerie today expressed its solidarity with young blind and visually impaired students, by organizing for their benefit an awareness session on themes such as drug use in schools, road safety and sexuality in schools. According to the director of communications and public relations of the national gendarmerie, Lieutenant Judicaël Koné, this awareness-raising, which is part of the socio-educational activities of the gendarmerie, aims to translate the solidarity of the institution to these young living students. with a disability. For the president of the National Union of Burkinabè Associations for the Promotion of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Christophe Oulé, 'it is a source of pride to feel as much a citizen as the others. The arrival of the gendarmerie is unexpected, so we are very honored by their presence. For the students, 'It's unheard of, it's a pleasure to be next to our dads and brothers, dressed bodies. It's a joy to be in the company of the gendarmerie, we're happy because they consider us as the other students." The awareness session was preceded by a national colors raising ceremony during which the students showed their resilience, brilliantly singing the national anthem. The police also gave canes to the students. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Cleaning gutters in Bobo-Dioulasso: The municipality goes ‘to war’ against garbage

The special delegation of the municipality of Bobo-Dioulasso launched the gutters cleaning operation in the city on Thursday, May 16, 2024. Scheduled to last three days, this operation will clear 40 kilometers (km) of stream of debris in order to avoid flooding and the proliferation of mosquitoes. The gutters cleaning operation in the town of Sya was launched in front of the Bobo-Dioulasso one-stop shop, an area which experiences frequent flooding during rainy seasons. Trainees from gendarmerie schools, municipal officials, and water and forestry officials have mobilized to combat the garbage that is blocking the gutters preventing the water from flowing properly. The cleaning will continue for three days (from May 16 to 18, 2024) and will make it possible to clean 40 kilometers (km) of these water evacuation channels. It was the President of the special delegation (PDS) of the commune of Bobo-Dioulasso, Laurent Koutougou Kontogom, who broke the ground for this operation. For him, this action falls withi n the framework of the Presidential Initiative for Community Development and is an instruction from the three ministries, namely Health, Environment, and Decentralization. The objective, continued Mr. Kontogom, is to clean the gutters to avoid flooding and epidemics of malaria or dengue fever. 'Technically, it involves removing debris from the gutter and transporting it out of the city through logistical means,' he explained the process of the operation. The PDS invited the Bobolese population to join this campaign in order to clean up the city. 'We appeal to the Bobolais that the work to which we are devoting ourselves this morning is a work which aims to protect them from diseases. We urge them to massively launch the operation to clean out the gutters and pile up garbage. The municipality will have the duty to collect them to take them out of the city,' said M Kontogom. He invited the Bobolais not to transform the gutters into a dump in order to allow them to play their role of evacuating water. Sou rce: Burkina Information Agency

The Israeli Prime Minister and the leader of Hamas in the sights of the ICC

Ouagadougou: The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, on Monday issued arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar for war crimes and crimes against humanity, several media report. Arrest warrants also target Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, one of Hamas leaders Ismail Haniyeh and the head of Hamas' military branch. Mohammed Diab Ibrahim al-Masri. A panel of ICC judges will now consider Prosecutor Khan's request for arrest warrants. These personalities are wanted for the number of people killed on October 7, 2023 in Israel by Hamas and for the very bloody response since then by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip with nearly 30,000 people killed. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Balé/Nanou Cotton Festival: Satisfaction of stakeholders for the last 3 production campaigns

Cotton producers in Nanou, in the commune of Boromo, celebrated the cotton festival on Saturday, May 11, 2024. This day provided an opportunity to take stock of the last three white gold production campaigns and to distinguish sector players and resource people. Nanou, located in the northwest of the commune of Boromo, is a model village in cotton and cereal production. Cotton has been the main source of income for populations for many years. The village of Nanou alone has six cotton producer groups (GPC). According to testimonies, they are satisfied with the impact of cotton on the socio-economic development of the village. To celebrate their success, the producers organized a day of popular celebration called 'Nanou cotton festival' under the sponsorship of the Director General (DG) of the Burkinabè Textile Fiber Company (SOFITEX), Bonossokom Gislain Arsène Somda, on Saturday May 11, 2024. To this end, several executives from SOFITEX, the National Union of Cooperative Cotton Production Companies of Burk ina (UNPCB), the banking sector, producers from the Boromo and Houndé areas attended the festivities at the village market. The villagers welcomed their guests with a euphoria of joyful applause, gunshots and mask dances. On the occasion of this day, producers took stock of the last three cotton production campaigns. They also presented certificates of recognition to around fifteen people for their commitment to the smooth running of the campaigns. They also expressed their gratitude to the SOFITEX and UNPC delegation for their attention to the peasant world. Regarding the results of the last three cotton campaigns, it emerged that the areas sown in Nanou increased from 814 hectares in 2021-2022 to 1,014 hectares for the 2023-2024 campaign. For the past campaign, production is estimated at 1,371 tonnes of cotton, bringing in more than 255.34 million CFA francs to the village groups. The village chief, Inoussa Coulibaly, said he was satisfied with this record recorded despite the vagaries of rainfall and the high cost of inputs. The success of the campaign, according to him, is partly linked to the application of good agricultural practices, the use of organic manure, new agricultural technologies, field processing drones, and the support of the technical agent. cotton. He also welcomed the spirit of solidarity between producers and the ban on the sale of subsidized inputs. Village elders offered peace prayers for Burkina Faso and wishes for a good agricultural season to come. As for the president of the UNPC, Nikiébo N'kambi, he praised the spirit of resilience of Nanou producers despite the high cost of inputs during the last campaign. At the same time, he reassured producers for a drop in input prices for the upcoming campaign. In the same dynamic, the CEO of SOFITEX urged producers in the Balé province to maintain the same commitment to production. Moreover, he expressed his availability to receive their grievances at any time. Arsène Somda declared that the new campaign is being prepared well, so SOFITEX is hard at work to make it a success with all the stakeholders. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Kourweogo/Food self-sufficiency: French Secours populaire offers tractors worth 14 million CFA francs

The Secours populaire français (SPF) handed over, on Saturday May 18, 2024 in Laye, agricultural equipment worth 14 million CFA francs to the Peasant Association of Laye (APL) , in the presence of the administrative authorities of the Kourwéogo province. Made up of two tractors and field development tools, this equipment, with an estimated value of 14 million CFA francs, was delivered on Saturday May 18, 2024 to Laye, by the Secours populaire français (SPF). According to the representative of the SPF and native of the commune, Gaston Zongo, praised the government and its branches for facilitating the procedures. He also thanked the National Society for Land Development and Rural Equipment (SONATER) and the administrative authorities of the province for their support in carrying out this project. Gaston Zongo then explained that this donation of agricultural equipment is part of the implementation of another aid formula for the populations of Laye. 'In addition to its interventions in the areas of health and education, the support of French popular relief also consisted of providing food to vulnerable households in the locality,' he said. For the SPF representative, government initiatives to fight for food self-sufficiency by increasing local production offer the opportunity to redirect aid towards strengthening the productive capacity of actors in order to make them less dependent. In this sense, Mr. Zongo mentioned that the association benefited from financial support amounting to one million CFA francs as working capital. In addition to the two drivers already available, he indicated that two other tractor drivers will be trained in order to strengthen the operationality of the machines. The High Commissioner of Kourweogo province, Siaka Barro, sent his congratulations to the members of the association for the acquisitions. He pointed out that the equipment thus made available to them constitutes challenges that the APL must take up, that of profitability and that of the sustainability of the activity . Siaka Barro invited them to the proper use of these acquisitions and effective management of the resources that will be generated by the activity. The sponsor of the ceremony, the chief of Laye, Naaba Yilgha, thanked all the actors for the actions undertaken in favor of the well-being of the populations. He invited the daughters and sons of Laye to understanding and commitment to the social and economic development of the commune. The president of the Laye Peasant Association, Lucien Zongo, said that his Association is made up of groups of producers, both women and men from different villages and neighborhoods in the commune. The operating plan for the machines takes into account, he said, certainly the interest of the members of the association and the profitability of the investment, it mainly aims to achieve the primary objective in the short term. of the project which is to contribute to the increase in household agricultural production. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Hauts-Bassins regional consultation framework: Psychosocial care for victims of terrorism under debate

The 1st ordinary session of the year of the Hauts-Bassins Regional Consultation Framework (CCR) was held on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 in Houndé, in the province of Tuy. Under the chairmanship of the governor of Hauts-Bassins, Mariama Konaté, this first session focused on 'the security and health crises in the Hauts-Bassins region: issues, challenges and control strategies'. The statutory members of the Hauts-Bassins Regional Consultation Framework met on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 in Houndé in the province of Tuy for the holding of their first ordinary session of the year 2024 around the theme: 'security and health crises in the Hauts -Basins region: issues, challenges and control strategies'. According to the governor of the region, Mariama Konaté, the regional consultation framework is an appropriate framework for reflection on major themes linked to the development of the region. She also said that the CCR provides an opportunity for statutory members to discuss current concerns. In addition to the question of psychosocial care for victims of terrorism, members of the Hauts-Bassins CCR reflected on the fight against malaria in general, and particularly dengue which hit the town of Bobo hard. -Dioulasso in 2023. 'We will also have a communication relating to the contribution of the company Houndé gold operation to the development of the Hauts-Bassins region, and therefore of Burkina Faso as a whole,' explained Mariama Konaté. According to the president of the Hauts-Bassins CCR, the relocation of the said executive to the town of Houndé is explained by the desire to break with the tradition of always holding it in the regional capital and to be in phase with actors from the Tuy province. For his part, the President of the special delegation from the commune of Houndé, Souleymane Dianda, was delighted with the choice of his commune to host such an 'important' meeting. The work of the session focused on three communications. First, regarding the contribution of the mining company to the development of the Hauts-Ba ssins region and Burkina Faso, the social performance manager of Houndé gold operation (HGO), Nassé Ouédraogo, mentioned among other things the contribution to through the Local Mining Development Fund , corporate taxes, royalties, voluntary investments. Then, it was the turn of the regional director of Health and Public Hygiene of Hauts-Bassins, Yeri Sylvie Youl, to talk to the participants about the dengue epidemic. In her presentation, Ms. Youl successively addressed the causes, consequences and strategies and means of combating malaria and dengue fever. The presentation by the medical commander, Modeste Ouédraogo on the issue of psychosocial support in the context of terrorism ended the series of communications. According to the medical commander, the first health problem in a country or zone at war or in conflict is stress-related disorders and psychiatric disorders. For effective mental health intervention and psychosocial support, Mr. Ouédraogo urged developing a primary prevention approach. Sou rce: Burkina Information Agency

Kourittenga: Women’s savings groups mobilize 750 million FCFA

The NGO Plan International Burkina Faso, Center-East office based in Koupéla, organized on Saturday May 18, 2024 in Zaogo, in the commune of Koupèla, a provincial fair of women's savings groups from Kourittenga, under the theme : 'Empowerment of women through the promotion of savings groups: challenges and perspectives'. It was under the sponsorship of the wife of His Majesty Naaba Yemdé le Kourit-Yir-Soaba and the presidency of the secretary general of the province of Kourittenga, Moctar Ilboudo. Since the introduction of the savings group approach in the province in 2012, 1,358 savings groups have been created, with 24,527 members. According to the Director of Plan International for the Center-East region, Mohamet Ouédraogo, the provincial fair of savings groups aims to allow women to come together in a framework of solidarity, not only to save, but also to access credits. 'This system allows members to have safe ways to take care of themselves. This fully contributes to their empowerment through income- generating activities,' he reassured. Adèle Tirogo, weaver and member of the Teg-Wendé group from the village of Gampougdo, spoke about the benefits of this initiative. 'In my first year of joining the savings group, I was able to buy some materials for my business and a door for my house. Subsequently, thanks to savings, I now have my own weaving business where I train more than ten people. I also manage to help my husband manage certain situations, notably our children's education and their health,' she said. The secretary general of Kourittenga province, Moctar Ilboudo, welcomed Plan International's initiative, while urging members of these savings groups to be more involved. 'With an estimate of more than 700 million CFA francs in cumulative savings, we have noted that these savings groups succeed in collecting and mobilizing local savings. We see these groups as channels for promoting peace and social cohesion,' said Mr. Ilboudo. He urged members of these groups to be more engaged in order to addres s development challenges at the grassroots. For him, thanks to these savings groups, more than 700 million CFA francs are mobilized each year, a result considered satisfactory. 'Per year, we can achieve cumulative savings of nearly 750 million. Considering this monetary mass that these savings and credit groups inject into the financial system, we have the ambition to organize them into a network so that in the future, they can become decentralized financial systems,' added the secretary. general. The fair was enlivened by various activities, including a women's cycle race, a donkey race, traditional dance and a savings group parade. Source: Burkina Information Agency