Rise of rotating colors in the commune of Laye: Charting the path for the younger generation

Ouagadougou: The prefect, President of the special delegation (PDS) of the rural commune of Laye, Seydou Millogo presided over the raising of colors on Monday February 5, 2024 at the Boulala public primary school in the commune of Laye. An initiative which allowed the administrative authorities and villagers to share values with the students to make them worthy Burkinabè people. The tradition of the monthly and rotating rise of colors in the commune of Laye was respected. The village of Boulala which hosted the solemn ceremony this Monday February 5, 2024 was a platform for nationals and administrative authorities to show the patriotic and civic path to the young students of the Boulala school. For the occasion, students, the population, the teaching staff as well as the established bodies sang the victory anthem in unison. For this monthly meeting, the people of the village have chartered the path to make students from this school responsible, civic-minded men who carry within themselves; love of their hom eland in their hearts. Indeed, the space dedicated to the flag as well as the mast have been fitted out and decorated in the national colors to show children the importance of the flag. For the director of the school, Adama Ouédraogo, the rise of national colors with the students as well as the authorities is important for the love that one develops for one's country. 'This education by example is unique, symbolic and carries the seeds for children to be true Burkinabè in the true sense. This space set up by the sounds of the village led by Professor Elie Kabre and Etienne Kabré will teach beauty, love of the homeland, protection of the common good and the culture of a job well done. » indicated Mr. Ouédraogo. The residents of the village of Boulala insisted that building a nation requires the culture of civic-mindedness, patriotism and respect for national colors. For the nationals, Professor Elie Kabré and Etienne Kabré, the initiative to make students into complete citizens of tomorrow brings hope. The P refect, PSD of Laye recalled for his part that this monthly tour of raising colors in the villages is quite a symbol. The culture of civic-mindedness and patriotism among students as well as among the population is the way to build a strong nation. He also congratulated the nationals for having supported this initiative, because their contribution in building a patriotic and civic generation will undoubtedly impact and inspire the other villages which will receive visits from the municipal bodies. Source: Burkina Information Agency

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