Sissili: Leo’s special delegation holds its first session of 2024

The special delegation of the urban commune of Léo held its first ordinary session of the year on Wednesday March 27, 2024, in the said locality, under the presidency of Kassoum Koalaga. During this first session of 2024, the members of the special delegation discussed several points on the agenda. This mainly involved the presentation of the authorizing officer's report, deliberations, and the presentation of the revised 2024 municipal annual investment plan. The 2024 annual investment plan was presented to members of the special delegation by the secretary general of the town hall, Saïdou Ouédraogo. According to Mr. Ouédraogo, this plan provides for the construction of 3 classrooms at the CEG of Mano A, the construction of a drinking water supply system (AEP) in Fien, the construction of positive drilling and the development of urban roads, etc. He then presented the authorizing officer's report. In the opinion of the secretary general of the town hall, Saïdou Ouédraogo, this report was drawn up as part o f the first amending budget, 2024 management and is structured around 7 points. This concerns the socio-economic and political situation in which the first amending budget was drawn up, its evolution compared to the initial budget, the situation of execution of the 2023 management budget and the difficulties encountered during its execution. . the situation of execution of the 2024 management budget as of February 28, year n, the assessment of the implementation of the initiatives taken in 2023 to increase revenues, control expenses and improve the investment effort, competitions direct and professional exams were discussed during the session. The revenue and expenditure items having experienced variations and their justifications (at least 30% compared to the budget) and finally the operating state of the budgetary and treasury monitoring committee did not remain on the sidelines of the discussions. According to Mr. Ouédraogo, the first amending budget, 2024 management of the urban commune of Léo was dev eloped in a context of security challenge and economic gloom. However, a reorganization of the actors in resource mobilization is underway to achieve the objectives, he maintained. The members of the delegation then deliberated on three subjects, namely: The deliberation on acceptance and allocation of the drawing rights of the local authorities development agency of 2024, the one relating to the adoption of the land charter on the land transaction and a third bearing notice of change of destination of the plot by way of regularization. The president of the special delegation from the commune of Léo, Kassoum Koalaga congratulated the full participation of the members of the delegation in the discussions. Mr. Koalaga called on the population to unite with the special delegation for the realization of endogenous resources in a difficult context where the contribution of all stakeholders is requested. 'We need a patriotic commitment and citizenship from the population so that private initiatives can contribute to achieving the objectives of the municipality,' he added. In terms of prospects, Kassoum Koalaga mentioned, among other things, the mobilization of the population so that they can pay their taxes, the construction of health infrastructure and the issue of sanitation. He finally invited the members of the deliberative body of the municipality to become more involved in the mobilization of revenue for the benefit of the community. Source: Burkina Information Agency

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