Social dialogue: the Head of State exchanges with market traders and yaars

The President of the Transition, Head of State, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, met this Monday morning with representatives of traders from the markets and yaars of Burkina Faso. Through direct exchanges, representatives of women, the elderly and young people reaffirmed their unwavering support for the Transition, and listed a string of grievances addressed to the Head of State.

The National Union of Traders' Associations, through its secretary general, Issaka ROUAMBA, requested from the President of the Transition, support for "the establishment of a microfinance company for the benefit of their market members with a acceptable reimbursement rate, professional training and modernization of market infrastructure.

In turn, the representatives of the different markets, as well as the representatives of certain regions, shared with the Head of State their conviction as to the success of the mission of the President of the Transition which is the reconquest of the national territory. They then discussed the difficulties facing their sector. These are essentially customs harassment, insecurity in certain markets and the unsanitary conditions observed in most markets.

The Head of State, convinced that the security situation has a negative impact on the activities of traders, praised their resilience and thanked them for the support he receives from them. "We also thank you for all that you bring to the economy of this country", added Captain TRAORE. He also presented the various initiatives carried out under his leadership to improve the living conditions of the populations.

After receiving the memorandum which includes the grievances of traders, the Head of State reassured them that the Government of the Transition is already on projects to improve their conditions through the ministry in charge of infrastructure. He also promised to carefully study the concerns with a view to finding lasting solutions.

The Head of State finally invited traders to subscribe to popular shareholding, through the Agency for the Promotion of Community Entrepreneurship (APEC), which aims to encourage the participation of Burkinabè people in the country's major projects.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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