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Survey on women on the road finds female drivers stigmatised - Uganda Newswire

Survey on women on the road finds female drivers stigmatised

A quantitative and qualitative sociological research on violence against women on the road has concluded that women are more targeted than men when mistakes and accidents occur, which shows the spread of violence against them based on gender, said professor and researcher of sociology at the University of Tunis, who participated in a relevant survey, Rania Ghouil.

In a statement to TAP, she added that 59% of respondents had insulted the driver of the vehicle on the road when they found out it was a woman.

The survey involved a sample of 3,500 people, including 1,500 car drivers, 1,000 motorcyclists and 1,000 pedestrians. The results were published in a 166-page booklet by Jawhar Jamoussi, Rania Ghouil, Mouna Tayachi and Amira Kaddour.

Ghouil added that the results also show that 33% of respondents make obscene remarks about women on the road when driving mistakes are made.

According to 42.4% of respondents, women are the cause of accidents, while 44.3% believe that young people are more responsible for accidents.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse