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TAP attends 50th General Assembly of Federation of Arab News Agencies [Upd 1] - Uganda Newswire

TAP attends 50th General Assembly of Federation of Arab News Agencies [Upd 1]

General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) was held Wednesday in Abu Dhabi. TAP CEO Najeh Missaoui told attendees there is need to put forward practical proposals to develop the federation's action in a context of consensus. He also emphasised the importance of the initiative to beef up its board with young qualified professionals and increase specialised journalism training programmes. FANA needs to maintain its financial balances, the CEO added, by means of addressing the debts of some news agencies. TAP is also ready to bring a diversified contribution to the federation's news content. The annual activity report for 2023 was adopted. It addressed a number of topics in relation to the impact of ongoing events in some Arab countries on the activity of media organisations, notably FANA, and training sessions geared towards journalists in Arab news agencies. This in addition to memoranda of understanding inked by the federation and international organisations across the globe. Directo r General of the United Arab Emirates News Agency (WAM) Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi was elected president of FANA, taking over from Fahd bin Hassan Al-Aqran, the director of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). Director-General of the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Fatma Al-Salem was elected as First Vice-President, while Director General of the Moroccan News Agency (MAP) Fouad Arif took on the duties of Second Vice-President Freshly elected Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi said it is crucial to train a new generation of leaders among young news agency journalists. It is also necessary to embrace a different approach by means of forming a team of young journalists and encouraging them to present proposals. The presence of young people in the Federation will bring significant changes in content and decisions. The new Secretariat General of the FANA is made up of the news agencies of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman and Libya. Participants discussed contributions payable to the federation and put forward proposals to address such iss ues as delays in the payment of annual contributions. Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi emphasised the importance of cooperation between Arab news agencies and said member news agencies need to build on each other's experiences and gear up for a new stage. Dr. Farid Ayar, Secretary General of FANA, presented the annual activity report and shed light on training sessions held for representatives of Arab news agencies. The Federation of Arab News Agencies brings together national news agencies of eighteen Arab countries, including TAP. Source: EN - Agence Tunis Afrique Presse