Burkina/AES: the Early Warning Centers of Burkina and Mali unite for human security

Ouagadougou: Analysts from the National Early Warning and Response Centers (CNAP) of Burkina and Mali will meet from April 23 to 26, 2024 at the National Center for the Coordination of the Early Warning Mechanism and Response ( CN-CMAPR) to seek ways to anticipate threats to human security in the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) area. 'The CNAP Mali and Burkina Faso, in a spirit of sharing experience and strengthening their collaboration, have decided to meet in order to jointly seek ways and means to anticipate threats to human security in space AES,' announced the permanent secretary of the CN- CMAPR, Inspector General of Police Wennélebsida Darga. He spoke this Tuesday during the launch of experience-sharing work between CNAP Mali and CN-CMAPR Burkina Faso, chaired by the Secretary General of the Prime Minister Abdoul Salam Gampiné. Mr. Darga indicated that the CNAP of Mali and Burkina Faso, through this meeting, wanted to comply with the objectives of the Liptako Gourma charter signed on September 16, 20 23 which established the birth of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES). He specified that as the two countries share the same realities and experience the same difficulties on a daily basis, they must be able to find actions to take in a logic of anticipation to face threats to human security in their space. 'It is with this in mind that this visit to share experience between the national early warning and response centers of Mali and Burkina takes place around the theme: 'contributions of the national early warning and response centers response in the prevention and mitigation of human security risks in the Sahel,' declared the Secretary General of the Prime Minister's Office. According to him, for 96 hours, analysts from the CNAPs in Mali and Burkina Faso will strive to develop collective intelligence to, among other things, deepen reflections on the role and place of the CNAPs and to analyze threats to security. human resources in the AES space as well as defining a strategy to strengthen collaboration be tween the two entities. According to the head of CNAP Mali Oumar Niguizié Coulibaly, the results of this meeting will serve as guidelines for the authorities of the two States. 'Our authorities have expressed the desire for us to be together (…), to discuss not only good practices and how together we can fully play our role in supporting the decision-making of our governments in matters of prevention and fight against anything that is a security threat,' he added. It should be noted that the mission of national early warning mechanisms is to collect information and data on threats to good governance, security and peace, to alert governments and suggest appropriate responses. to identified threats. They monitor, and if necessary, coordinate the implementation of responses decided by governments as well as those carried out by international organizations. Source: Burkina Information Agency