Burkina/Balé: authorities satisfied with the patriotic commitment of young people

Banfora: The office of the Provincial Youth Council of the Balé province organized on Saturday April 20, 2024 in Boromo, the accountability day marking the first year of its exercise. The office of the Balé Provincial Youth Council took stock of the activities of the first year of its mandate on April 20. This accountability day brought together several actors, structures, youth associations and local administrative authorities. The activities were moderated by the main director in charge of youth and professional training Moussa Seré. According to the president of the Provincial Youth Council Zakaria Guira, from April 2023 to 2024, the office carried out and carried out several activities included in its action plan and participated in several other activities to which it was invited in the province. The greatest satisfaction of its committee is the establishment of municipal offices in the ten municipalities of the province and the representation of youth in the decision-making bodies of municipal council s. Guira also praised the support of administrative authorities and resource people who supported them in carrying out their program of activities. To distinguish this good will, the Council organized an evening of distinction called 'Evening of Honor'. This was an opportunity to recognize the merits of several people whose commitment has contributed to the development of youth, youth entrepreneurship, the promotion of sport, culture and social cohesion. The latter received certificates of recognition. According to the organizers, the winners are people who pay particular attention to the cause of youth. The high commissioner of the province Ibrahim Boly is one of these resource people. This evening was an opportunity for him to express all his admiration and satisfaction with the commitment, dynamism and availability of young people for community development initiatives and activities and their patriotic commitment. The provincial authority was also pleased with the establishment of offices in all munici palities. In addition, Mr. Boly urged the youth to keep the spirit of patriotic awakening and the love to serve the homeland. He reaffirmed his availability and that of his entire administration to make the concerns of youth their priority. To magnify the cohesion between the administration and the youth, a football match was organized. The Provincial Youth Council and the authorities all appreciated this day of activity which demonstrated the dynamics within the youth and the good relationships with the various authorities. Source: Burkina Information Agency