Burkina: More than 100 doctors equipped by CARFO on the compensation of professional risks and the production of medical certificates

Ouagadougou: More than 100 treating doctors benefited, Tuesday in Ouagadougou, from the Autonomous Retirement Fund for Civil Servants (CARFO), from strengthening their knowledge on the new law 003-2021 / AN of April 1, 2021, establishing the social security regime applicable to public officials of the State. For the Director General of CARFO, Hyacinthe Tamalgo, the option of training health professionals is due to the fact that they play an important role not only in the repair of professional risks but also in the establishment of documents to be used to care for victims of work accidents or occupational illnesses. Indeed, under the provisions of the new law, once administrative accountability and medical accountability are established in the event of an accident or occupational illness, it is the treating doctors who take over to take care of the the victim, indicated the central director of CARFO services Camille Yaméogo. This is why, he continued, it appears necessary for these key players in the profe ssional risk repair chain to update their knowledge of the provisions of the new law. CARFO is a public social security establishment responsible, among other things, for the prevention and management of occupational risks in Burkina Faso. For the achievement of these missions, particularly in the 'management of the professional risk branch', doctors appear to CARFO as key players. Source: Burkina Information Agency