Burkina: About sixty journalists trained to promote the vaccine against the cervix

The Burkinabè Coalition against Cancer (COBUCAN), in partnership with the Ministry of Health, on Thursday equipped around sixty men and women from the media, so that they could be relays in the communication for public support for vaccination against cervical cancer virus (CCU) in Burkina Faso.

“We have seen that the government and the hospitals are making great efforts; Nevertheless ; mortality linked to cervical cancer (CCU) is only increasing”, declared the president of the Burkinabè Coalition against cancer (COBUCAN), Nayi Zongo.

Mr. Zongo, also a teacher-researcher at Joseph Ki-Zerbo University, said that the best way to fight the CCU virus remains prevention, which involves vaccination of the population, specifically women and young people aged 9 to 14. years.

The President of the Burkinabè Coalition against Cancer (COBUCAN), Nayi Zongo

The president of COBUCAN spoke on Thursday in Ouagadougou, during a training workshop initiated by his structure for around sixty journalists. He urged them to be relays so that the population adheres to the vaccine against the CCU virus in Burkina.

Pr Zongo also explained that mortality linked to CCU has increased in the country and this is linked to the delay in diagnosis of cancer. In his opinion, to counter this delay, it is necessary to sensitize the Burkinabè and for that, the men and women of the media constitute an essential link to inform the population.

Nayi Zongo indicated that the health workers may have the scientific knowledge but it is the press that can only sensitize the population to have their wives and daughters vaccinated in health centers and hospitals.

The first official of COBUCAN said that women and young girls can also be screened for precancerous lesions free of charge in health facilities.

The Secretary General (SG) of the Ministry of Health, Dr Estelle Dabiré/Dembélé

"COBUCAN's main objective is to raise awareness among the population, to make pleas so that cancer mortality, in general, decreases in Burkina Faso and particularly mortality linked to CCU", he argued.

The Secretary General (SG) of the Ministry of Health, Dr Estelle Dabiré/Dembélé pointed out that cervical cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in Burkina Faso. Ms. Dabiré therefore invited journalists to be relays to curb this disease, through good communication in their various media.

The representative of the Minister in charge of Communication, Atéridar Galip Somé was delighted with the organization of the training by COBUCAN, for journalists on the sensitive issue of the CCU.

The representative of the Minister in charge of Communication, Atéridar Galip Somé

For Mr. Somé, many women and families are bereaved on a daily basis by the disease, which remains a major concern for the Burkinabè authorities. According to him, the CCU is not a fatality but rather a disease which one can avoid through the prevention which is the screening of the women and the young girls.

Atéridar Galip Somé also advised journalists to carefully follow the communications of experts in the field, in order to raise awareness in their written, radio and television productions.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Sissili/ Promotion of renewable energies: A new project explained to human and animal health actors in Léo

The medical and surgical center Dr Sedogo de Léo, in partnership with the association operieren in Africa organized on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 within the said health center, an information and awareness workshop for the actors of the human and animal health on a new solar project "called sophia" to promote renewable energies in the province of Sissili.

Leo's information and awareness workshop for human and animal health actors follows the mission carried out on March 14 and 17, 2023, in Cap-Town in South Africa by the director of the Medico-Surgical Center, Dr Sedogo by Leo, Omar Ouedraogo.

This mission allowed Mr. Ouédraogo to take part in the meeting for planning and projecting activities in the future, alongside other colleagues from Uganda, Cameroon, Malawi, South Africa and the Swiss.

During the work of the workshop, the participants were entitled to a presentation on the character of the "Sophia Project" made by the lecturer Dénis from the University of Makerere in Uganda.

According to the Ugandan communicator, this pilot phase of the project concerns four countries, namely Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Malawi and Uganda.

For him, the creation of this new solar project "called sophia" aims to improve the cold chain in the various health facilities for the proper preservation of pharmaceutical products.

He indicated that the "Sophia Project" essentially comprises 03 components, namely 2 containers for the cold chain and one container for water recycling.

According to the director of the medico-surgical center, Dr. Sedogo de Léo, Omar Ouédraogo, the implementation of such a project makes it possible to meet the challenges related to electricity and drinking water supply.

“We do not have adequate infrastructure to properly store vaccines, blood products and other pharmaceutical products. But also for the treatment of water in operating theaters”, he added.

Mr. Ouédraogo specified that the "Sophia project" for a period of five years benefited from the financial support of the European Union.

And to add that in Burkina, it is the medico-surgical center Dr Sedogo de Léo which was chosen for the implementation of the pilot phase of the project.

Omar Ouédraogo indicated that the project will also benefit from technical assistance from 2IE. According to him, the implementation of the pilot phase will determine its implementation in the other localities of Burkina.

The head doctor of the Léo health district, Dr Aboubacary Abdou, was delighted with the implementation of this innovative approach which will not only allow better care of patients in health facilities, but also contribute to reducing medical evacuations. to hospitals and to improve the quality of the care offered.

"We welcome this windfall at its fair value and express our gratitude and recognition to the partners for this noble initiative and the choice made for the medical and surgical center", he said.

He, on behalf of the entire Léo health district, thanked the director of the medical and surgical center, Dr Sedogo de Léo, Omar Ouédraogo and his privileged partners for having associated his structure with the project.

The Secretary General of the town hall of Léo, Saïdou Ouédraogo welcomed this initiative at its fair value. He also said that he took note of the project which is beneficial for the communities.

"With its facilities we will be comfortable in the care of patients, so we will no longer need to turn to other centers like Ouagadougou to meet our needs for distilled water", continued Omar Ouédraogo,

Finally, he expressed his gratitude to the Ugandan speaker Dénis who spared no effort to have agreed to come to Léo to accompany them.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Gourma: Sidiki Ouédraogo at the helm of the regional directorate in charge of Agriculture

The Regional Director of Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries Resources in the East, Sidiki Ouédraogo was officially installed on Friday, May 5, 2023 in his functions.

The Secretary General (SG) of the East region, Siaka Ouattara has officially installed Sidiki Ouédraogo in his new role as Regional Director of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries in the East.

The incoming director replaces the outgoing director, Hamidou Zoungrana, who spent five years and nine months at the head of the provincial directorate.

The staff spokesperson, Moussa Ouédraogo, praised the quality of the outgoing regional director and made his multiple achievements.

He noted the vaccination of two million cattle, twelve million poultry, the realization of many infrastructures such as the construction of 239 vaccination parks and 7 cattle markets.

Moussa Ouédraogo also wished good luck to the incoming director while reminding him that there are many challenges to be met.

"I can reassure you that the staff is ready to meet these multiple challenges with you," he said.

The outgoing director Hamidou Zoungrana took the opportunity to thank all his former collaborators, before asking them to support his successor so that he succeeds in his new role.

The new regional director in charge of Agriculture in the East, Sidiki Ouédraogo congratulated the highest authorities of the country for the confidence placed in his modest person to lead this direction.

Sidiki Ouédraogo invited his close collaborators, project/programme managers, NGOs and associations, heads of farmers' organizations and all producers to show resilience, anticipation and creativity in order to achieve their set objectives.

“We will make patriotism, integrity, dignity, civic-mindedness, solidarity, truth and good governance, cardinal values on which our actions are based,” he added.

Agricultural adviser with 15 years of service in the same locality, Sidiki Ouédraogo now heads the regional directorate of agriculture, animal and fishery resources in the East is an agricultural adviser.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Peace Effort: Nearly one million FCFA mobilized by Ganzourgou health workers

A delegation led by the Chief Medical Officer of the Health District (MCD) of Zorgho, Dr Delphin Kaboré presented a sum of 987 thousand 500 CFA francs representing the contribution of health workers in the province to the peace effort and support for internally displaced persons, to the High Commissioner of Ganzourgou, Aminata Sorgho / Gouba, in his office on May 15, 2023.

The health workers of Ganzourgou responded to the call of the President of the Transition, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, relayed by the Governor of the Central Plateau region, Sy Assétou Traoré, inviting the populations to contribute to the war effort.

Indeed, they mobilized 500,000 FCFA for the contribution to the peace effort and 487,500 FCFA to be given to the director of Radio Laafi, Albert Tarpaga, who initiated through the airwaves of his media, a campaign to collect donations to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the province, for a total sum of 987,500 CFA francs.

For the MCD of Zorgho, Dr. Delphin Kaboré, although some agents are already making their contribution through the subscription forms, it was good form to initiate this operation to respond in a concrete way to the call of the authorities.

Dr Delphin Kaboré (right) presenting the director of Radio Laafi, Albert Tarpaga, with the contribution of health workers to support IDPs.

“We live the situation of insecurity with everyone. We receive IDPs in the health centres. We are affected directly or indirectly by the phenomenon. We therefore cannot remain silent at the call of the first authorities,” said Dr. Kaboré.

He thanked all the agents who responded favorably to the initiative and hoped that this gesture could help somewhere and contribute to bringing peace to the country.

For the first head of the province, Aminata Sorgho/Gouba, health workers are the first to organize themselves to make their contribution.

She thanked the MCD and all health workers in the province for this significant act.

While hoping that this gesture will be emulated within other corporations, she prayed: "May God extend his hand to the country so that the next contributions are for development actions and not to help IDPs, because there will be more”.

She promised to report to the hierarchy for this gesture and directed the donors to the main treasury for the payment of their contribution to the peace effort against receipt of a receipt.

Dr. Delphin Kaboré hopes that the modest contribution can help somewhere.

As for the contribution for the support of IDPs, the envelope was immediately handed over to the director of Laafi de Zorgho radio, Albert Tarpaga, initiator of the collection of donations.

Mr. Tarpaga thanked the MCD and all the health workers and promised to report to the population on the radio antennas while waiting for the official ceremony of handing over the donations collected.

According to him, the campaign he launched has to date collected more than one million 800 thousand FCFA, 2.5 tons of rice, 5.5 tons of sorghum and 10 bags of clothing. .

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Nametenga: Medical visits for retirees

Public and private service retirees or their widows benefited from the annual medical visit 2023 session, organized by CARFO, CNSS and the Ministry of Health.

Blood examination, weight and blood pressure measurement, interviews with the doctor, physical examination and free allocation of certain drugs are the main stages of the medical visit, organized jointly by the CNSS, CARFO and the Ministry of Health.

According to Dr. Josué Ouédraogo, head of clinical activities and quality of care, the purpose of the blood test is to establish a minimum balance sheet for certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney function and gout.

Talking to the pensioner about his blood test, the doctor performs a physical examination to screen for chronic diseases such as blood pressure, asthma, osteoarthritis, prostate cancer in men, cervical cancer of the uterus in women and other diseases in order to be able to draw up a prescription for a free endowment of medicines.

For this session, the Doctor thanked the State and its partners for having introduced the examination of uricemia or gout, which is a major innovation.

He wanted the pharmacy to be better supplied for future sessions so that pensioners lack nothing for their health care.

Ouédraogo Inoussa, head of the CNSS in Boulsa, said that last year 57 pensioners were able to have their medical examination out of nearly 75 pensioners in Boulsa.

At present, 31 have already made their visit.

According to him, if the security context has played on the mobilization, it is necessary to recognize that some are traveling while others have already taken the exams elsewhere.

Inoussa Ouédraogo thanked the association of pensioners of Boulsa and through it, its president Hamidou Néri Philippe Bonkoungou for his support.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Malta and Seychelles to deepen cooperation in health and education sectors

Seychellois doctors will be able to attend medical schools in Malta and there will be further exchanges in the education and health sectors after the two countries agreed to further deepen their relationship during a meeting on Friday afternoon.

The two island states signed agreements on health cooperation, which will facilitate and strengthen bilateral institutional cooperation in the health sector and they have agreed to establish a joint commission on bilateral cooperation – which will pave the way for more regular consultations on the state of cooperation between the two countries.

The Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade of Malta, Dr Ian Borg, and Seychelles’ Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde, signed the agreements on Friday afternoon at Maison Queau de Quincy – the headquarters of the Department of Foreign Affairs on the main island of Mahe.

Borg, who had just landed in the western Indian Ocean island state, is on a 48-hour official visit at Radegonde's invitation.

During his visit he had discussions with some ministers along with his Radegonde to discuss various areas of cooperation.

New areas the two island states will cooperate in are tourism and the Blue Economy.

“Similar to Seychelles, tourism is an important sector of Malta’s economy,” said Radegonde.

“We have discussed ways on how best the two countries can work together to enhance the visibility of both destinations and maximise the revenue from this very lucrative industry,” explained Radegonde.

He went on to explain that due to the fruitful discussions held, there will be “technical exchanges, training in product development and digital marketing.

Meanwhile, as Malta is currently an elected member of the United Nations Security Council, Borg said that his country – also an island state – “will advocate on the issue of climate change”.

Malta has already set the ball rolling, when it brought up the issue of rising sea levels at the UN Security Council in February this year.

In addition to finding new avenues for cooperation, the two countries will continue working in already established areas, such as maritime security.

Malta is part of the EU NAVFOR Atalanta efforts and is at "the forefront of maritime laws”.

Seychellois students have previously benefited from studying maritime law in Malta.

The countries established diplomatic relations 34 years ago.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Gourma: The PUDTR wants to prevent gender-based violence related to its activities

Health workers, social workers and association staff in the East region were equipped from May 4 to 6, 2023 on gender-based violence that could occur in the implementation implementation of the activities of the Emergency Project for Territorial Development and Resilience (PUDTR).

The practical implementation of the activities of the Emergency Project for Territorial Development and Resilience (PUDTR) in the field requires the mobilization of a large workforce in the areas of intervention, particularly on civil engineering works, with the influx of a foreign population on the construction sites.

This could contribute to increasing the risks of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) against women, girls and even internally displaced persons due to their exposure to possible forms of exploitation.

View of GBV training workshop participants in Fada N'Gourma in session

To enable health workers, social workers and association staff in the project intervention areas to fully play their role in the prevention and response to GBV linked to the activities of PUDTR, the Catholic Organization for Development and Solidarity, Diocesan Executive Secretariat of Fada (OCADES SED Fada) organized a training of seventy-two (72) hours.

Capacity building focused on the risks of SEA/HS/VCEVBG related to the PUDTR, on the medical care of survivors of GBV and on the referral protocol that was adopted by the PUDTR.

Jean Thiombiano of the OCADES Fada N'Gourma section noted that this training workshop aims to prevent GBV linked to the activities of the PUDTR in the Eastern region for the happiness of the populations.

According to the trainer Dr Ousmane Soré from the Regional Directorate in charge of Health in the East, who is also a pharmacist, given the context, the actors needed to be able to strengthen their skills for these specific cases of violence (GBV, harassment sex…)

This training will enable officers to effectively deal with victims from now on, said Dr Soré.

Health workers and social workers should work hand in hand to be able to provide comprehensive care for these victims, he added.

Jean Thiombiano of OCADES Fada N'Gourma section first from the left: "This training workshop aims to prevent GBV linked to PUDTR activities in the East region".

The trainer Clémentine Koudougou, health attaché in obstetrical-gynecological sciences in service at the regional directorate in charge of health in the East, pointed out that during this training session, several modules including those related to the medical treatment of sexual violence , management of physical violence and psychological care to promote the social integration of survivors, were discussed.

For Ramatou Nassoussi, provincial coordinator of women in Gourma, this training is to be welcomed.

She argued that the family has a key role to play in preventing GBV. So she calls on parents to play the role that is theirs.

This training session was financed by the World Bank through the PUDTR.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

City of Sciences to hold scientific day on digital health trends next June 1

A scientific day on "Digital Health Trends in Tunisia and Around the World" will be held on June 1, in Tunis, on the initiative of the City of Sciences in Tunis and in partnership with the Computer Center of the Health Ministry (CIMS).

This event, which will bring together students, healthcare professionals, experts and innovators, will be an opportunity to discuss the latest trends, technologies and solutions in the field of digital health in Tunisia and around the world.

It will also provide participants a space to share knowledge about the best practices in digital health as well as discover new e-health jobs.

The event will see the organisation of workshops and panel discussions

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Seychelles’ President congratulates King Charles III at Commonwealth meeting in London

Seychelles’ President Wavel Ramkalawan and First Lady Linda Ramkalawan have attended a series of events held on the margins of the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, according to a press statement from State House on Saturday.

On Friday, they were present for the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Breakfast event attended by various heads of states, governor generals, prime ministers, other senior government officials from UK and some heads of certain international organisations. The event was an opportunity to discuss SIDS related issues, leading up to the 4th SIDS Conference in Antigua and Barbuda in 2024.

“Following the SIDS event, the President and First Lady also attended the Commonwealth Leaders’ Event hosted by the secretary general of the Commonwealth, Baroness Patricia Scotland, in the presence of King Charles III, at Marlborough House, London. During the Commonwealth event, the President met King Charles and had the opportunity to congratulate him personally,” for his ascension to the throne, said the press statement.

The President and First Lady also attended a reception at the Buckingham Palace on Friday evening in advance of the coronation ceremony on Saturday afternoon at the Westminster Abbey.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Burkina: The Koudougou Workers’ Health Office exchanges with its decentralized services on the annual medical visit

The Koudougou Workers' Health Office discussed on Thursday, May 4, 2023 in the city of the "red rider" with the heads of the decentralized State services on the annual medical visit for better management. responsible for professional risks.

Monitoring the health of workers is one of the main prevention activities of the Workers' Health Office (OST).

This activity is crucial in the sense that it not only makes it possible to assess the worker's aptitude for his workstation, but also to prevent him and direct him to take charge of the occupational risks identified.

This discussion meeting was chaired by the Secretary General of the Center-West region, Séverin Somé.

However, it is clear that many difficulties are encountered in its practical organization. Evidenced by the results of 2022 with a low participation rate of 17.88%.

It is with a view to improving this low rate through good organization and a better understanding of the annual medical examination of public sector workers that the regional management of the Koudougou OST initiated this information meeting with the heads of decentralized State services in the Center-West region.

The discussions focused on the legislative and regulatory texts, in terms of monitoring the health of public workers, the results of the 2022 medical visit and the management of occupational risks by the autonomous pension fund for civil servants (CARFO) .

The communications were respectively presented by the regional director of the Civil Service, Aminata Ouedraogo, the head of the statistics, planning and training department of the OST, Michel Komi, and the representative of the general management of CARFO, Henri Antoine Ouangrawa.

The participants, at the end of the exchanges, made some recommendations to improve the organization of the annual medical visit, which are among other things, the endowment of the OST by the State with substantial human and financial resources.

They also asked for the reinforcement of the OST vehicle fleet and optimal communication for better visibility of the OST and its services.

Source: Burkina Information Agency