Coastguards rescue 77 irregular migrants and recover five bodies off Zarzis and Mahdia

Coastguard units from the southern and central maritime districts rescued 77 migrants of various foreign nationalities involved in two irregular sea crossings in Zarzis, Medenine governorate and Mahdia, the Directorate General of the National Guard said in a statement on Saturday.

The coastguard in Zarzis rescued 24 migrants of different foreign nationalities after they set sail from the coast of a neighbouring country. They also recovered five bodies.

According to the same statement, the coastguard in Mahdia foiled an irregular sea crossing and rescued 53 migrants of different foreign nationalities.

The General Directorate of the National Guard added that the Public Prosecutor’s Office had authorised the necessary legal measures to be taken against them.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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