FLAM: reading, an essential element for refining the talent of young African writers (Congolese writer)

Marrakech: Reading constitutes an essential and crucial element which allows us to refine the talent of young African writers, said Congolese writer Alain Mabanckou. In a statement to MAP, on the sidelines of the second edition of the African Book Festival of Marrakech (FLAM), Mr. Mabanckou gave several pieces of advice to young people wishing to become writers or novelists, highlighting the role of reading as a first essential phase which allows you to open up to other books before moving on to the imitation phase then to creative autonomy. The Congolese writer also indicated that it is essential to always look in childhood for the moments that were the most thrilling, adding that 'childhood is a very important phase in the journey of any writer'. 'When you write a novel the most important characters are not the main characters but the secondary characters and what is around them, since it is the secondary characters who carry it, that is why it is important to take the time to choose these characters, ' he observed. This professor at the University of Los Angeles also recommended that young African writers open up to several literatures and not limit themselves to African readings, noting that 'literature is not a confinement but an open house, you have to understand that the world is vast to be not only an African writer but a global writer.' Alain Mabanckou's work entitled "Letters to a young Senegalese novelist", aims to draw up a catalog which would be a sort of road map for anyone who aspires to become a writer and to establish a fraternal dialogue with young beginning novelists. . Supported by the 'We Art Africans' association, FLAM aims to celebrate African literature and culture, offering the public the opportunity to take part in the event and have free access to all reception sites. , with a view to bringing culture and art closer to the public, and allows authors and the public to meet in different forms and daily encounters, in addition to concerts, readings and poetry. For this second editio n of the festival, the programming offers themes reflecting the scientific and editorial news of Africa and devotes a particular place to the reactivation and consolidation of memories and links which unite all Africans wherever they are. . Source: Burkina Information Agency

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