Ganzourgou: 17 health workers from Boudry trained in the management of acute malnutrition

The head nurses (ICP) of the commune of Boudry benefited from training on the management of acute malnutrition from August 28 to September 1, 2023 in the Zorgho health district . Funded by the Sanbrado Mining Company (SOMISA), this training aimed to strengthen the capacities of health workers so that they can better manage cases of malnutrition in their health facilities.

From August 28 to September 1 , 2023, the 17 Head Nurses (ICP) in the commune of Boudry received training on the management of acute malnutrition. It was in the meeting room of the Zorgho health district.

In five days, the trainers Mr. Babou Yaro, Ms. Justine Dondassé/Balima and Dr Delphin Kaboré, went through with the participants several modules relating to the management of malnutrition through communications and practical activities within the Center of recovery and nutritional education (CREN) of the CMA of Zorgho.

The closing of the training which took place on Friday 1 st September was attended by representatives of SOMISA.

For the Chief Medical Officer of the Health District (MCD) of Zorgho, Dr Delphin Kaboré, Boudry is a particular commune in the sense that it is very large and is home to the Volta Valley Developments (AVV) which welcomes internally displaced persons ( IDP).

According to him, there are many hamlets of crops and many IDP areas and this leads to an increase in the number of malnourished people in the commune. This training was then requested by the district and financed by SOMISA (which is also based in this commune) to strengthen the skills of health workers so that they can optimally care for the malnourished.

Dr Kaboré invited health workers to focus on welcoming patients. For him, the treatment of malnourished people is not only medicinal, but it is also psychosocial.

He intends to advocate for training on the management of the malnourished internally and the provision of health centers with equipment for the management of malnutrition.

He said he was satisfied with the results of the training and asked the participants to share the training acquired with other agents so that they are at the same level of information for a change in behavior in the management of the malnutrition. “We are sure that practices will change at the level of health facilities. » he said.

The trainer Mrs. Justine Dondassé/ Balima thanked the ICPs for their diligence. She thanked SOMISA and hoped that training of this type would be financed in future times for the benefit of health workers from other municipalities in the province of Ganzourgou.

The ICP of Boudry center, Mr. Halidou Djessongo, on behalf of all the participants, thanked the initiators of this training. He made a commitment on behalf of everyone to put the learnings of the training into practice.

However, he expressed complaints against SOMISA for the provision of equipment to deal with malnutrition and the organization of screening sessions for cervical cancer and hepatitis “B” in benefit of the people.

For the SOMISA Community Relations representative, Ms. Léontine Traoré, malnutrition must be treated at the grassroots level because for her, a malnourished woman can give birth to malnourished children if the condition is not treated.

According to her, SOMISA wants to make its contribution to cutting the evil at the root so that the future generation is in good health.

She said the aim of this training is to provide local health professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to understand, prevent, identify and treat malnutrition.

While thanking the training participants, she promised to carry out follow-ups in the 17 CSPS to see the application of the knowledge acquired during this training. She hoped that this training would help reduce the rate of malnutrition in the province.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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