Ioba /Health: 47 bags of blood collected in Dano to relieve the sick

The governor of the South-West region, Boureima Savadogo and the high commissioner of the Ioba province, Bernadette Adenyo / Sermé organized a blood donation operation on Sunday September 24, 2023 in Dano. At the end of the said operation, 47 bags of blood were collected to relieve the sick.

The South-West/Gaoua regional blood transfusion center collected blood in the courtyard of the Dano Women's Museum, in the South-West region.

This blood donation operation concerned the entire population of Dano and more particularly the established bodies. A total of 54 voluntary blood donors came forward for the occasion.

At the end of the medical preliminaries, the regional team was able to collect a total of 47 bags of blood to relieve the sick.

The head of the collection department of the Gaoua regional blood transfusion center, Daouda Koné, welcomed the solidarity of the populations of Dano in supplying the Gaoua blood bank.

“The invitation from the High Commissioner of Ioba is to be welcomed, because the need for blood at this time of the year is enormous. The demand is 40 bags per day for just the Gaoua regional hospital center (CHR). However, the medical centers with surgical antenna (CMA) of Batié, Dano, Diébougou and Kampti also have needs,” indicated Mr. Koné.


He thanked the high commissioner of Ioba province, Bernadette Adenyo/Sermé, the president of the provincial youth council, Aristide Youorikiè Dabiré, without forgetting the religious and customary denominations who have always organized blood collection sessions.

For the provincial tax director of Ioba, Joël Dinaba, donating blood means saving lives, everything according to him, which contributes to the happiness of society.

Ms. Roseline Somé said that the blood collected will be used to give life to pregnant women and children sick with malaria.

The Secretary General (SG) of the Ioba province, André Lankoandé, representing the High Commissioner, said he was satisfied with the mobilization of the bodies constituted for blood donation.

“It is an initiative of the governor of the South-West region to help all those in need of blood, namely pregnant women, accident victims, children suffering from malaria and the often injured FDS and VDP” , explained Mr. Lankoandé.

According to him, this operation constitutes the fifth of its kind since August in Dano. André Lankoandé also thanked all those who donated blood.

He praised the mobilization of provincial authorities to set an example for this blood donation operation and encouraged the entire population to do the same to save lives.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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