Large delegation of diplomats accredited to Tunisia visit Jendouba and Beja

Tunis: Several ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Tunisia were briefed on Sunday on a number of alternative tourism components and the tourist landscape of Tabarka, Ain Draham, Jendouba and Medjez el-Bab (Beja governorate), as part of a joint initiative between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad and the National Tourist Office. They were briefed on the ecological characteristics of these regions and their development potential for investment. The delegation, made up of 86 diplomats from 43 countries, visited several tourist units, sports facilities and tourist trails in the towns of Tabarka, Ain Draham and the Beni Matir dam, as well as a number of archaeological monuments, including the Bulla Regia archaeological site. They also saw some of the innovative projects being undertaken by talented young people, such as the electric car built by a young man from the Ain Draham delegation. The programme for the visit, which began on Saturday evening , included musical performances, craft exhibitions and organic cooking. Helmi Hussein, Director General of the National Tourist Office, said this initiative, the first of its kind to involve a large delegation of representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Tunisia, is an opportunity to promote alternative tourism and to convey real images of the region's ability to meet the new needs of foreign and local tourists. It is also an opportunity to showcase the region's tangible and intangible resources. According to professionals in the sector, tourism in the Jendouba governorate, particularly in the two tourist areas of Tabarka and Ain Draham, remains dependent on the reopening of the Tabarka-Ain Draham airport, the upgrading of National Road 7 linking Tunis to Tabarka and the reopening of the railway line linking the two towns via Mateur. This is besides the support needed for development projects, infrastructure development, the promotion and diversification of tourist services and the consolidation of alternative tourism. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse