It is an honor and privilege for me and the entire Uganda Police Force, to pay tribute to a very Special Senior Police Officer, who touched the lives of so many people during his time in police and in retirement. The late RTD. Kenneth Kuranimo Ojoro was enlisted in the Uganda Police on the 1.11.1960 at around 19 years, after his J.S II education level.

After the successful completion of his initial police training, he was posted to the Close Escort Unit in Entebbe, where he was later promoted to the rank of Seargent (Sgt). On the 1.9.1966, he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP), and transferred to the Special Branch, Headquarters in Kampala.

On the 1.7.1970, he was promoted to the rank of Inspector of Police (IP) and on the 14.5.1971, he was transferred to the Special Branch office in Kampala Area. On the 20.9.1978, he was promoted in acceleration from the rank of IP to Superintendent of Police, together with IP Y. Mushure and thereafter, posted to Mbale on the 20.9.1978.

On the 29.10.1979, he was posted to Soroti as DPC, on the 15.09.1981, he was promoted to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police, together with Ahmed Ogeny, Vincent Odwe, Charles Nambassi, Richard Odongo, Anthony.K.Olobo, Zedekia Etyang, Valerian Oboth-Othieno, Raphael.K.Makoha, Edwin.L.Wasswa, Misusera Okulo Okot, Jorome Alibu and George Afidra. And on the 15.07.1982, he was transferred to Kampala Region as RPC where he took over from J.Z.Ochom ACP and in the year, 1986, he was transferred to Western Region in Fortportal, as RPC. And on the 17.7.1989, he was promoted and posted from Fortportal to Police Headquarters as SACP (Administration). He had a medical condition of persistent PHRANGITIS and after two years, he was retired on the 6.05.1992, at the age of 52 after 33 years of distinguished service delivery.

He attended various courses that enabled him to grow in his career and ranks. These include; a Military Training Course in USSR in 1970, Special Branch Training in Nairobi Kenya (1971 – 1972), in 1976, he did a prosecution course at the Law Development Centre, and in 1980, he participated in the Intermediate Command Course at Exeter in the UK. He also underwent the Senior Command Course on the 2.10.1983, and several other promotional courses, locally.

We are therefore honoured, to celebrate the life of RTD SACP Kenneth Kuranimo Ojoro, and to further honor him as we memoralise the sacrifices he made for himself, his family, our institution of the Uganda Police and the country at large. He took so many important roles up to the highest level of Acting Deputy Inspector General of Police, which enabled him to touch so many lives, while advocating for the police.

He was a Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, who loved to be part of a team, a work ethic, was very proactive, calm and controlled the direction of the team. His rank of SACP, afforded him the right to issue orders, but he was a leader, who did not get his authority from his rank, but his character earned him all the respect of a very good Police Chief.

Aside from the police, the SACP Kenneth.K.Ojoro liked a principled life, who treasured his family a lot. He always talked about his wife Mrs. Ketty Koli Ojoro and they called themselves the “KKOs”. He was a devoted husband, father, brother, son, uncle and grandfather, who took all those roles at heart and did everything within his power to honor, support, guide and love his family. He is survived by a widow, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Therefore, we would like to thank Rtd. SACP Kenneth.K.Ojoro, for his 33 years of excellent and dedicated service. And also thank everyone, who came to Kole district, to pay tribute to a kind, brave and exceptional police officer, as we bid farewell to him. You will never be forgotten.

Thank you for serving our citizens and country.

God bless the Uganda Police, God bless you all, and God bless Rtd. SACP Kenneth.K.Ojoro.

Source: Uganda Police Force