Nahouri: VDPs in Pô receive help of more than 1 million CFA francs from their support committee

The support committee for the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) of the commune of Pô, offered this Friday, April 12, 2024 to Pô, food, equipment and fuel, all of a value of 1 million CFA francs, to the VDPs of the commune of Pô, committed to the reconquest of the national territory. The provincial coordinator of the VDP of Nahouri, Captain Abasse Saïdou Niampa received this Friday, April 12, 2024 in Pô, a donation worth more than one million CFA francs, intended for the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland of Pô , offered by the VDP support committee of the commune of Pô. This donation consists of 06 bags of rice of 50 kg, 03 cartons of spaghetti, 03 bags of macaroni, 04 dishes of millet, 01 bag of rice of 25 kg, 09 Sanili motorcycle tires, 03 cans of oil of 25 liters , 01 carton of tires, 08 bags of corn of 100 kg and 50 fuel vouchers of 500,000 F CFA. According to the president of the municipal committee supporting the VDP of Pô, Francis Williams Yaguibou, also first vice-president o f the special delegation of Pô, this gesture is a way for the populations of the commune to recognize the efforts and the sacrifice made by all of the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and in particular the VDP of the commune of Pô. For him, this chain of solidarity towards the VDP is a sign that the populations of Po are proud of the work of their brothers who abandoned women and children to defend the homeland. For the provincial coordinator of the VDP, Captain Abasse Saïdou Niampa, this gesture removes a big thorn in the feet of the VDP who were experiencing difficulties with patrols. He expressed all the gratitude of all the municipal coordinators of the FDS of Pô to the donors. Captain Abasse Saïdou Niampa indicated that the food will allow the VDP to feed themselves during security outings. A promise was also made by the coordinator regarding rational management of this donation received. Source: Burkina Information Agency