Prime Ministry says need to submit performance projects before June 15

Tunis: The Prime Ministry called on ministries to develop annual performance projects for 2025 and submit them to the Finance Ministry on June 15 at the latest. This will allow time for administrators responsible for the budget to start discussions, the Prime Ministry said in a circular on the draft budget for 2025 sent to ministers, secretaries of state, governors and programme managers. The draft budget is supported by an annual performance project. The latter is annexed to the draft law of the same financial year. The Prime Ministry called for dialogue through the various stages of the development of the annual performance project on the basis of evidence and guidelines, while checking the credibility of data. There is need to lend due importance to the annexes of the annual performance project as a strategic document, reads the circular, and adopt the information system to follow up documents submitted by the various public policy stakeholders. All programme managers, management by objective (MBO) un its, public expenditure controllers and officials in charge of budget development and implementation need to attend all meetings. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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