Sissili/Family planning: A week to convince women of their socio-economic balance

Léo, The high commissioner of the province of Sissili, Tewendé Isaac Sia officially launched on Monday, November 6, 2023 in Léo, the national week on family planning, with a view to convincing women of their socio-economic balance. economics.

The Léo health district, like others in the country, is organizing the 12th edition of the national Family Planning (FP) week under the theme “National Family Planning Week, more than 10 years of progress: The urgency of “accelerating remains to achieve the SDGs with communities”.

The start of the activities of this edition took place on Monday, November 6, 2023 at the Health and Social Promotion Center (CSPS) of sector no. 5 of Léo, Sissili province, Center-West region.

This FP week was marked by a range of activities in all health facilities in the district. These include, among other things, talks, product exhibitions, activities on the different FP methods.

The week was also furnished by a free offer of contraceptive methods and a maracana finale.

The implementation of this package of activities will help to remove the barriers and prejudices that hinder access to FP.

In the context of reducing maternal mortality, family planning has been chosen as one of the major strategies. Thus, since 2012, with the support of technical and financial partners, the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene has initiated the annual organization of a national family planning week (SNPF).

According to the head doctor of the Léo health district, Dr Aboubacary Abdou, after eleven editions, the SNPF is proving to be an excellent strategy for promoting FP, through advocacy with political and administrative authorities, customary, religious and community leaders. .

According to him, this approach at all levels of social mobilization and intensification of the offer of FP services for the benefit of the populations aims to promote easy access to services for the development of the country.

For the high commissioner of the Sissili province, Tewendé Isaac Sia, the organization of the national FP week comes at the right time to boost the contraceptive prevalence indicators of the Léo health district.

Mr. Sial praised the Ministry of Health for its initiation of the national FP week to promote family planning across the different layers of Burkinabe society.

“Beyond FP, the organization of this week will address the problem of unwanted pregnancies in schools through communications that agents will carry out in schools,” he noted.

The first official of the province stressed that from 2016 to 2017, the Central-West region recorded 452 students victims of unwanted pregnancies.

According to Tewendé Isaac Sia, this situation calls on us all individually and collectively to commit ourselves alongside the health district for the success of health actions taken in favor of reproductive health and FP.

Finally, he encouraged the health workers and the head doctor of the health district for their commitment alongside the populations of Sissili.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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