Sissili: Media actors trained on processing information in times of crisis

The Central-West Regional Directorate of Communication and Media organized a training session from September 11 to 12, 2023, for the benefit of journalists and presenters from the province of Sissili on the collection technique, processing and dissemination of information in times of crisis.

There were around twenty journalists and presenters from the province of Sissili, who took part in the two days of reflection and exchanges on the technique of collecting, processing and disseminating information in times of crisis.

According to the regional director of communication and media for the Center-West, Eve Carol Mariam Raïssa Yamwemba, this initiative aims to strengthen the skills of media actors in the Center-West region.

Ms. Yamwemba specified that the 48 hours of discussions will allow participants to better understand the issues related to the collection, processing and dissemination of information in times of crisis.

“In a context where crisis events can occur at any time, it is essential that journalists are well trained to deal with them,” she argued.

For the trainer, Alfred Nikiema, also a technical inspector at the Ministry of Communication, for 48 hours, the participants were equipped with different sub-themes developed during the training.

Thus, the discussions focused on writing, collecting and processing information in times of crisis. On this point, trainer Nikièma insisted on verifying sources and objectivity.

But long before, debates focused on the formats and genres used in the media to process information and disseminate it.

For the occasion, participants were invited to differentiate between different journalistic genres and formats such as, the brief, the net, the report, the interview, the editorial, the report, the analysis, etc.

They have also acquired information on how to manage emergencies and crisis situations while providing precise and balanced information to the public.

The communicator shared his experience with the young colleagues in terms of crisis journalism while recalling the importance of responsibility and journalistic ethics in certain situations;

Participants were informed of the existence of certain platforms available to disseminate information effectively.

Practical advice was given on how to adapt to new ways of consuming information to reach a wider audience.

“In view of the quality of the exchanges, I would say that this training is welcome, in that it allowed me to share my experiences with colleagues who are already familiar with a certain number of dynamics of treatment of information,” said Alfred Nikiema.

Mr. Nikièma also invited everyone to always seek information where they can find it and to work in the dynamic of perfection.

The Central West Regional Director of Communication and Media, Eve Carol Mariam Raïssa Yamwemba congratulated the participants for their attendance at the training workshop.

She invited them to open up to other experiences to deepen their knowledge

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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