Tunisian date exports up 6.7% to TND 46.1 million in October 2023

Exports of Tunisian dates in October 2023 reached TND 46.1 million, up 6.7% in October 2022, according to the "ONAGRI Vigilance/November 2023" review published on Saturday. Exports totalled 6.8 thousand tonnes, a fall in volume of 8.5%. The average price recorded during October rose by 16.5%, to 6.78 D/kg compared with 5.82 D/kg recorded during October of the previous campaign. According to the same review, Tunisian olive oil exports during the 2022/2023 campaign reached 194.6 thousand tonnes, down in volume by 3.5% compared to the 2021-2022 campaign. The value of these exports amounted to TND 3,422.4, up 54.7%. The average price registered during the twelve months of the campaign increased by 60.2%, reaching 17.59 D/kg against 10.98 D/kg recorded during the previous campaign. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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