Tunisian Network against Normalisation stages solidarity stand with Palestinian resistance

Tunis: The Tunisian Network Against Normalisation organised a solidarity stand on Friday evening in front of the Municipal Theatre in Tunis to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and the residents of Gaza in the face of the Zionist war and genocide.

During the event, speeches were delivered and statements were distributed calling for “intensifying participation in the campaigns for the liberation of Palestine”.

Speakers praised the efforts of the Palestinian resistance and its resilience, recalling the heroism of Tunisians and Arabs who participated in the armed Palestinian resistance and died on Palestinian soil.

The “Tunisian Network against Normalisation” was established in October 2018.

The network is composed of political parties and organisations, including the National Liberation Movement, the Al-Watad Party, the Popular Current Party, the Echaab Movement, the Al-Joumhouri Party, the Labour Party, the Unity Party, the Free Unity Movement, the Tunisian Forum for National Sovereignty, the
Anti-Imperialist and Zionist Youth Forum, the Mohammed Brahmi Centre for Peace and Solidarity. It also includes the Arab Youth Organisation, the Tunisian Association for Tolerance, the Maghreb Gate Network, the Tunisian Campaign for Boycott and Opposition to Normalisation with the Zionist Entity, the Tunisian Solidarity Committee for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the Resistance Identity Association and the Union of Unemployed Graduates.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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