UGTT’s Tabboubi : ” we demand social dialogue be launched ” [Upd 1]

We are not asking for the impossible," UGTT's Nourredine Tabboubi Thursday said in comments on next March 2 worker rally in El Kasbah Square. "We demand social dialogue be launched as it a sign of the development of societies," the SG of the Tunisian General Labour Union further told TAP on the sidelines of the opening works of the conference of the women and working youth committees of the Arab Federation of Petroleum, Mining and Chemical Workers in hammamet. "We demand the trade union right be respected for it is a red line that cannot be crossed," he added. "We are aware the country is going through an economic crisis; the labour union is always accused of suspending production through strikes, thus the move to opt for a day off (Saturday) to stage a protest to demand the launch of a social dialogue," said Tabboubi. The SG said it is necessary to boost investment by means of fostering an entrepreneurial climate. "We are speaking about democracy at a time when Tunisians endure a declining purchase powe r and the shortage of commodities, the SG said. The low voter turnout rate is a key indicator which the power in place did not understand. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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