KFSH&RC Welcomes Dr. Björn Zoéga as New Deputy CEO

KFSH&RC Welcomes Dr. Björn Zoéga as New Deputy CEO
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Björn Zoéga as Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 01 April 2024. This strategic move is set to accelerate KFSH&RC’s aspiration of becoming a leading healthcare institution on the global stage, leveraging Dr. Zoéga’s notable career and proven track record of leadership in top-tier medical institutions.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Björn Zoéga as Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 01 April 2024. This strategic move is set to accelerate KFSH&RC’s aspiration of becoming a leading healthcare institution on the global stage, leveraging Dr. Zoéga’s notable career and proven track record of leadership in top-tier medical institutions.

As the former CEO of the internationally renowned Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, Dr. Zoéga played a pivotal role in upholding the institution’s high standards and global recognition as the second highest rated among European hospitals and seventh best worldwide according to Newsweek’s ranking of the World’s Best Hospitals 2024. His administration at Karolinska was marked by innovative strategies and excellence in healthcare delivery—all which he is posed to enrich within KFSH&RC.

Dr. Zoégabrings decades of healthcare management and clinical expertise to KFSH&RC, having spearheaded operations as CEO of the National University Hospital of Iceland and the Stockholm Spine Center. His experience and faculties in research and education are also invaluable, given his former roles as President and Board Chairman of the EU-Cervical Spine Research Society and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of Alvotech.

As Deputy CEO, Dr. Zoéga will serve as chief lead of KFSH&RC’s healthcare delivery and research and innovation groups, following on the hospital’s commitment to integrating global best practices in healthcare and pursuing cutting-edge medical research and technology.

KFSH&RC extends its invitation to the community, partners, and stakeholders to welcome Dr. Björn Zoéga, as the institution embarks on a promising new chapter in healthcare, committed to fostering a brighter and healthier future for all.

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BTS plans to finance 650 projects in Gafsa

GAFSA: The Tunisian Solidarity Bank (BTS) has planned to finance 650 projects in the Gafsa governorate in 2024, in the fields of crafts, agriculture, small trades, services and communitarian enterprises, with a budget of almost TND 9 million, which will create 1050 jobs. The bank will finance 734 projects in Gafsa governorate in 2023 at a total cost of around TND 8.7 million, Saber Jeridi, head of the BTS branch in Gafsa, told TAP. This will create 1,200 jobs in various sectors, including agriculture, especially sheep and cattle farming, crafts and services. He announced that the electronic platform for the financing of vulnerable and low-income categories was operational, to receive applications from people wishing to obtain an interest-free loan or a loan without self-financing, repayable over a period of several years, including a one-year grace period. This programme, to which the National Employment Fund has allocated TND 20 million, is part of an agreement signed between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment and the Tunisian Solidarity Bank. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Burkina: Powerful bombs rain on terrorists in Kankanmogré

Ouagadougou: The Burkinabè army used powerful bombs this Tuesday on groups of terrorists who had found refuge in recent days in the heart of the Kankanmogré forest in the Center-East region, according to reports. security sources. Several groups of terrorists have arrived in recent days in waves in the heart of the Kankanmogré forest, in the Koulpélogo province, Center-East region. Observations of air vectors have shown that it is a large base from which criminals prepare their attacks and meet up after their crimes. This Tuesday, April 2, 2024, as many criminals as possible were present on the scene and were scattered over a large area. The pilots then dropped several powerful bombs on them until the base was annihilated. The pilots did not have time to savor this success as other terrorists showed up the same afternoon in the Ouahigouya area, in the Northern region. Indeed, the VDP of Kouba had just valiantly repulsed a horde of criminals who fled. Aerial vectors saw them near Thiou where they hid un der thick trees. Acolytes joined them to take stock… In fact, the last assessment. Indeed, a missile broke away from the side of the air vector at the speed of light and hit them violently. Under the trees, the criminals will burn with their devices while the operations continue. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Sissili: Leo’s special delegation holds its first session of 2024

The special delegation of the urban commune of Léo held its first ordinary session of the year on Wednesday March 27, 2024, in the said locality, under the presidency of Kassoum Koalaga. During this first session of 2024, the members of the special delegation discussed several points on the agenda. This mainly involved the presentation of the authorizing officer's report, deliberations, and the presentation of the revised 2024 municipal annual investment plan. The 2024 annual investment plan was presented to members of the special delegation by the secretary general of the town hall, Saïdou Ouédraogo. According to Mr. Ouédraogo, this plan provides for the construction of 3 classrooms at the CEG of Mano A, the construction of a drinking water supply system (AEP) in Fien, the construction of positive drilling and the development of urban roads, etc. He then presented the authorizing officer's report. In the opinion of the secretary general of the town hall, Saïdou Ouédraogo, this report was drawn up as part o f the first amending budget, 2024 management and is structured around 7 points. This concerns the socio-economic and political situation in which the first amending budget was drawn up, its evolution compared to the initial budget, the situation of execution of the 2023 management budget and the difficulties encountered during its execution. . the situation of execution of the 2024 management budget as of February 28, year n, the assessment of the implementation of the initiatives taken in 2023 to increase revenues, control expenses and improve the investment effort, competitions direct and professional exams were discussed during the session. The revenue and expenditure items having experienced variations and their justifications (at least 30% compared to the budget) and finally the operating state of the budgetary and treasury monitoring committee did not remain on the sidelines of the discussions. According to Mr. Ouédraogo, the first amending budget, 2024 management of the urban commune of Léo was dev eloped in a context of security challenge and economic gloom. However, a reorganization of the actors in resource mobilization is underway to achieve the objectives, he maintained. The members of the delegation then deliberated on three subjects, namely: The deliberation on acceptance and allocation of the drawing rights of the local authorities development agency of 2024, the one relating to the adoption of the land charter on the land transaction and a third bearing notice of change of destination of the plot by way of regularization. The president of the special delegation from the commune of Léo, Kassoum Koalaga congratulated the full participation of the members of the delegation in the discussions. Mr. Koalaga called on the population to unite with the special delegation for the realization of endogenous resources in a difficult context where the contribution of all stakeholders is requested. 'We need a patriotic commitment and citizenship from the population so that private initiatives can contribute to achieving the objectives of the municipality,' he added. In terms of prospects, Kassoum Koalaga mentioned, among other things, the mobilization of the population so that they can pay their taxes, the construction of health infrastructure and the issue of sanitation. He finally invited the members of the deliberative body of the municipality to become more involved in the mobilization of revenue for the benefit of the community. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Investiture of Diomaye Faye, Easter celebration and laying of the first stone of the textile factory make the headlines of the day

Ouagadougou: This Tuesday's publications echo the inauguration of Diomaye Faye, the celebration of Easter and the laying of the first stone of the textile factory. 'IROTEX-BURKINA textile factory: The president of the transition kicks off the work', headlines the state daily Sidwaya. The public newspaper informs that the president of the transition, Ibrahim Traoré, proceeded on Friday March 29 in Sourgou to lay the first stone of the cotton processing factory. The daily adds that more than 160 billion CFA francs will be invested, resulting in more than 4,000 jobs. The private daily Le Pays, for its part, specifies that IROTEX-BURKINA is an industrial complex which will be established on two sites: one in Sourgou, which will spread over 42 ha, and another in Boromo, over an area of 50 ha. The colleague continues that the construction of the factory will help to bring added value 'to our national raw products and to limit our dependence on the outside world through an induced reduction in our exports'. In the same register, Observer Paalga indicates that the IROTEX-BURKINA factory intends in its operationalization to put creativity at the center of its operation and always draw inspiration from new trends/developments to ensure its competitiveness at the international level. The dean of private daily newspapers goes on to say that to ensure this competitiveness, it has adopted an integrated approach, that is to say setting up autonomous and complementary industrial units. From another angle, the private daily Le Pays displays on its headline: 'Mgr PROSPER KONTIEBO, Metropolitan Archbishop: The difficulties that our country is going through must not make us lose confidence in God'. The newspaper reports in its columns that during the Easter vigil held on March 30, 2024, 58 faithful received the sacraments of Christian initiation and another the blessing of the Church. The state daily Sidwaya, for its part, mentions in its columns that this Easter vigil was punctuated by prayers and invocations for the retur n of peaceful life to Burkina Faso. In another vein, the dean of private daily newspapers, the Observateur Paalga, displays on its front page: 'Diomaye Faye: The day of glory has arrived'. The newspaper reports that the Abdou-Diouf International Conference Center in Diamniadio (CICAD) is hosting the swearing-in ceremony of the 5th president of Senegal on April 2. According to Sidwaya editions, Diomaye Faye should, during his taking office, reaffirm his desire to govern with humility and transparency and to tirelessly fight corruption, the basis of his commitment in politics. The state daily continues by saying that the new Senegalese head of state intends, among other things, to work for national reconciliation, the reduction of the cost of living which has become almost unbearable and to make investments in the agricultural and industrial sectors with a view to to reduce the unemployment rate estimated at 20%. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Sanmentenga/Prohibition on all use of water from the Korsimoro dam: measure lifted

The ban which has weighed since mid-March on all use of water from the Korsimoro dam following the suspicious death of fish, has been lifted, announced Tuesday, the Regional Director of the Agriculture, Animal and Fishery Resources of the Center-North, Ragnimsom Serge Igor Birba. The results of analysis of dead fish and water from the Korsimoro dam, in Sanmatenga, are reassuring according to the Regional Director of Agriculture, Animal and Fishery Resources of the Center-North, Ragnimsom Serge Igor Birba. The information was officially given on Tuesday April 2, 2024 to the regional bodies during the traditional raising of the colors. The precautionary measure of the special municipal delegation of Korsimoro, prohibiting all use of water from the dam and the consumption of vegetables after the suspicious death of fish in mid-March, is lifted. This is what we could deduce from the information provided by the regional director in charge of fisheries resources in the Center-North this Tuesday, April 2, 2024 i n Kaya. 'There are no major difficulties compromising the health of the population,' declared Ragnimsom Serge Igor Birba. Speaking about the results of analysis of water, dead fish, food and mud, the regional director reveals: 'It emerged that the level of dissolved oxygen in the water from the dam is below the standard . 3 mg/l for a standard of 40 mg/l. » He hopes that this situation will be corrected with the arrival of the first rains. According to the regional director, fish farming and agricultural activities could resume without worry. However, he invites stakeholders to abandon prohibited practices around the dam which could poison the water from the dam to the detriment of animal health. As a reminder, it was the interim president of the special delegation of the commune of Korsimoro who raised the alarm through a public press release prohibiting any use of water from the dam after an observation of suspicious mortality of fish in floating cages and enclosures. 967.5 kg of fish, or 2752 fish, ma inly Oreochromis niloticus commonly called carp (2747), were found dead in 2 cages and 2 enclosures of the dam between the period of March 12 to 14, 2024. From March 16, 2024, a joint investigation by the competent technical services made it possible to put forward hypotheses such as the infection of fish by pesticides used by market gardeners around the dam, the physico-chemical parameters of the water as the rise in temperature and finally the density of fish per cage and per enclosure. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Senegal-Politics/ President Bassirou Diomaye Faye was sworn in

Ouagadougou: Bassirou Diomaye Faye, 44, was sworn in on Tuesday before members of the Constitutional Council during a public hearing organized at the exhibition hall of the Abdou Diouf International Conference Center in Diamniadio. 'Before God and before the Senegalese Nation, I swear to faithfully fulfill the office of President of the Republic of Senegal, to observe as well as to scrupulously observe the provisions of the Constitution and the laws, to devote all my forces to defending the institutions constitutional rights, territorial integrity and national independence, to spare no effort for the achievement of African unity,' declared the 5th president elected on March 24 with 54.28% of the votes, in the first round. After taking the oath, the Grand Chancellor of the National Order made him wear the great necklace of the great master of the national order around his neck. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Cascades: a sanitation operation to mark the launch of the JEPPC

The Governor of the Cascades region, Florent Badabouè Bazié, chaired this Saturday, March 30, 2024, in Banfora, the sanitation operation which was announced last Monday, March 26, the day of the official launch of the Days of Patriotic Engagement and Citizen Participation (JEPPC). Following the call from the Governor of the Cascades region on the occasion of the official launch of the days of Patriotic Commitment and Citizen Participation (JEPPC), to these populations to make their living environment healthier, those responsible for decentralized services of the state of the Cascades region as well as those responsible for the social strata of the region strongly mobilized this Saturday, March 30, 2024 in Banfora in order to make this sanitation operation more effective. Menu of shovels, wheelbarrows, gloves, bibs, rakes and all other cleaning materials, the participants cleaned the space of the regional directorate in charge of agriculture along the national road 7 (RN7), all the way to the administrative hotel. During their visit, they carefully collected plastic bags, cut down shrubs and any other rubbish found in front of stores, boutiques, train stations, as well as among sellers along the RN7. The act aims, according to the first manager of the Cascades region, to further strengthen the citizen commitment of the population through sanitation actions in the different districts of the city. We will organize ourselves in order to be able to continue this patriotic act periodically in order to clean up all the towns in the region, he indicated. Having a sanitized living environment means protecting yourself against malaria, respiratory diseases and those linked to public hygiene, he added. Florent Badabouè Bazié, took the opportunity to raise awareness among traders, mechanics, welders, travelers in the various stations in the area to always clean and make their workplaces clean and not to throw garbage and bags at roadsides. The president of the special delegation of the commune of Banfora, Yacouba Bar ro, said he was satisfied with the mobilization and support of the directors and heads of decentralized services and expressed his sincere thanks to them. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Amidou Konkobo, 36 years old, servant of the State, best agent of his management (portrait)

Ouagadougou: Technically competent, innovative, available and open to others. AmidouKonkobo, 36, arrived at the Ministry of Civil Service, Labor and Social Protection (MFPTPS) barely a year before his professional talent already shines in the eyes of his peers. This financial administration executive, dark complexion, calm with an average build, was named best agent 2023 of the Finance Management Directorate (DGF) of the MFPTPS. He was thus chosen from five of his colleagues at the DGF, by a committee set up for this purpose. This choice was not a matter of chance, because it was based on a well-defined criterion. After obtaining a Master I in 2014 and not having the financial means to pursue the Master II, Mr. Konkobo will be forced to put away his sociology documents to concentrate on preparations for the Civil Service competitions. In 2016, he won the competition for the National School of Financial Management (ENAREF), cycle B. Having graduated from ENAREF in 2018 after two years of training, the nativ e of Kassila, in the province of Passoré, will embrace the profession of Financial Services Controller. Assigned to the Regional Directorate of Public Procurement Control and Financial Commitments (DRCMEF) of the Center-East, Amidou Konkobo serves the State with dedication from October 2018 to October 2022. In view of his dedication and his love for hard work In fact, Mr Konkobo was asked to be made available to the MFPTPS, more precisely to the DGF. In this Directorate, Amidou Konkobo will be entrusted with the interim Head of administrative and financial service (CSAF). Nicknamed 'innovative gentleman' by his colleagues, the agent will quickly leave his mark on the management of the department's public finances, thanks to the supervision of his first manager and the teamwork established within the DGF. . Given the tasks entrusted to it, the interim CSAF supports from time to time the Public Procurement Service in the development, commitment and liquidation of contracts and any other paper to be produced . In this way, his fight: to help and move things forward at the management level. As a result, 'mister innovator' always finds something to occupy his time. 'He doesn't just do the work of his department. He likes to support. Beyond his service, he supports the Public Procurement service,' confirms the Director of Financial Management, Albert_Kaboré. Passionate about innovation, Mr. Konkobo's contribution to management does not go unnoticed. 'He is my support at the secretariat level because he helped me a lot to better organize my files,' confides the secretary of the DGF, Fatimata Traoré. A well-known adage states that at the end of the effort there is the reward. This adage fits well with the choice of Amidou Konkobo as the best agent of the DGF. Dedication to work, organizational skills, professionalism, sociability, punctuality and diligence are the trademarks of Amidou Konkobo. According to the lucky person, there is nothing that gives more joy and satisfaction than recognition for hard work. In his clear desire to meet the challenges assigned to him, the DGF's best agent of 2023 is sometimes confronted with technical difficulties. 'The insufficiency of certain computer and peri-computer equipment and the instability of the connection network in the building which houses the DGF are, among other things, the difficulties which hinder the smooth running of activities,' maintains Amidou Konkobo. Married and father of one child, the interim CSAF manages to reconcile family and professional life. Knowing him to be very attached to the activities of the service, Mr. Konkobo benefits from the understanding and support of his wife. 'There are files or documents with deadlines that we must process or produce. To achieve this, it very often happens that we get off late from the service but this is accepted as a family,' he suggests. For cohesion and tranquility in his home, Mr. Konkobo relies on communication. At 36 years old, this young middle manager does not intend to stop there. In this regard, he invit es young workers of his age to love work and to be humble in order to better learn and serve the Public Administration. Source: Burkina Information Agency

Women MPs discuss with ARP speaker increased role in proposing legislation

Tunis: Ways of improving parliamentary work and enhancing the contribution of women MPs in proposing legislation were discussed at a meeting between Speaker of the Assembly of People's Representatives (ARP), Brahim Bouderbala, and a number of women MPs. The participants agreed that the drafting of a code of conduct for parliamentary work should be accelerated. The meeting also addressed issues related to attendance and voting in committees and plenary sessions and the publication of their results. The Speaker commended the role of women parliamentarians and their 'active and tireless contribution to the work of the Assembly's various structures.' He noted their 'seriousness, sense of responsibility and willingness to perform their duties to the best of their ability in order to meet the aspirations and convey the concerns of their constituents.' The Speaker urged them to continue along the same path and contribute to further improving the parliamentary work and strengthening the role of the People's Asse mbly in serving the supreme interest of the nation, in view of the completion of the legislative function with the commencement of the work of the National Council of Regions and Districts. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse