Burkina: the National Academy of Sciences transmits recommendations for the care of victims of terrorism

The President of the National Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Burkina Faso (ANSAL-BF), Dr Paco Sérémé said on Friday that his structure transmitted to the Head of State , recommendations for the care of people living in areas with high security challenges.

"It is a request from the Head of State to help with a reflection for the care of people living in areas with strong security challenges", declared the president of the National Academy of Sciences, Arts and of Letters from Burkina Faso (ANSAL-BF), Dr Paco Sérémé.

For Dr Sérémé, the Academy has proposed sustainable solutions through recommendations made on the scientific basis and supported by eminent researchers.

Paco Sérémé, also research director, spoke on Friday at the opening of the ordinary session of the general assembly of the Academy with the aim of taking stock of its Strategic Development Plan (PSD) for 2022.

Dr Paco Sérémé said that the 2022 activity report focused on the reflection on the food and nutritional security of populations living in areas with high security challenges.

According to him, this initiative was a major achievement of last year contributing to the institutional strengthening of the Academy.

The president of the Academy declined his ambition to see during the three years of his mandate, an academy with more maturity, visibility, recognition and influence on the national, regional and international chessboard.

As a reminder, the office of ANSAL-BF, renewed on February 17, 2022, will eventually include 75 members thanks to the gradual admissions of new members, including associate members and other corresponding members.

The strategic axis of the PSD 2022-2026, according to Dr Paco Sérémé, will allow, among other things, the institutional development and the strengthening of the governance of ANSAL-BF, the promotion and enhancement of research, technological innovation, scientific culture, arts and literature and the promotion of the quality of science, arts, literature and culture education.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Bazèga: Pupil Kiendrebéogo Larissa wins the primary school reading competition, 2023 edition

The 5th edition of the reading competition organized by the association Peuples Solidaires (PSo 05) for the benefit of primary school students in the commune of Doulougou took place this Friday, March 14, 2023, at the public primary school of Kagamzinsé. It was the student Kiendrebéogo Larissa who won the first prize.

The 5th edition of the reading competition organized for the benefit of primary school students in the basic education district of Doulougou in the province of Bazèga was held this year at the public primary school of Kagamzinsé.

The initiative is from the association Peuples Solidaires (PSo-05) based in France. The competition involved the association's 7 partner public primary schools (PSo-05) in the basic education district of the rural commune of Doulougou.

There were 21 candidates of both sexes in the running, from the schools of Bélégré, Gana “A”, Gana “B”, Goumsé, Kagamzinsé, Pibsé and Widi, i.e. 3 candidates per school.

According to the representative of the association, Léon Bonkoungou, the organization of the competition aims to cultivate a taste for reading among students. Anything that, according to him, will help improve the performance of students during their school career.

The competition took place in two stages, namely the reading of the text followed by comprehension questions. At the end of the competition, the student Larissa Kiendrebéogo is ranked first with an average of 9.50/10.

All candidates received prizes consisting of school bags, school supplies and solar and rechargeable lamps. For the head of the basic education district of Doulougou, Émile Yanogo, this initiative of the association (PSo-05) is commendable and deserves to be supported to extend to all the schools of the district.

As a reminder, the association Peuples Solidaires (PSo-05) intervenes each year in its partner schools through the construction of school infrastructure, the donation of school supplies and the care of more than forty internally displaced students. identified in these schools.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: Education actors hard at work for an impeccable organization of the 2023 exams

The Minister in charge of National Education, Joseph André Ouédraogo, on Friday urged his collaborators to take all the measures for an impeccable organization of school exams and the baccalaureate, session 2023.

“We are less than two months away from the deadlines and it is urgent that all the arrangements be made in time for a good performance, for an irreproachable organization of the exams for this 2023 session”, affirmed the Minister in charge of National Education, Joseph André Ouedraogo.

According to him, the organization of school exams and the baccalaureate represent a major challenge for his department.

Joseph André Ouédraogo was speaking on Friday April 7, 2023 in Ouagadougou during the first session of the Board of Directors, which for the first time saw the participation of the provincial directors in charge of Education.

“In the past, it was more of an extended cabinet meeting, but this time it's all of the 90 provincial directors who are there, so I already have an overview of all of the education issues of the Burkina Faso,” he said.

For him, the fact of associating the provincial directors with the meeting, "is because somewhere these actors are essential in the success of our activities, in particular in the organization of exams and school competitions".

Mr. Ouédraogo noted that this meeting of education stakeholders revolves around the presentation of the new organization chart of his department, the disciplinary regulations and procedures and the inventory of preparations for school exams and the baccalaureate.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

War effort: LTN-ASL students submit their contribution to the President of the Transition

The President of the Transition, Head of State, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE received this Monday morning a delegation of students from the General-El-Hadj-Aboubacar-Sangoulé-Lamizana National Technical High School. Driven by a patriotic spirit, this delegation came to hand over to the Head of State the contribution to the war effort of the students of the establishment.

The students of the General-El-Hadj-Aboubacar-Sangoulé-Lamizana (LTN-ASL) National Technical High School are responding to the call for voluntary contributions launched by the President of the Transition in the dynamics of supporting the war effort. They were able to mobilize 574,100 CFA francs in support of the war effort.

“We felt patriotic and as Burkinabè, the fight is everyone's fight. We are students, but we can contribute in our own way. This is why we have deprived ourselves of our daily bread to participate in this effort”, indicated Abdoul Hamidou NIKIEMA, spokesperson for the delegation.

He says he is taking this opportunity to "call on my fellow students from Burkina to respond to the call for contributions because this war is ours". By this gesture, the pupils of the LTN-ASL invite the schoolchildren and students of Burkina Faso to mobilize and express their support for the actions of the Transition for "the freedom and true independence of our homeland".

Abdoul Hamidou NIKIEMA underlined that in return, the President of the Transition says he is counting on them, the

Burkinabè youth in the fight against insecurity.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Nahouri: The public primary school of Songo celebrates its golden jubilee

The former students of the public primary school of Songo in the commune of Pô, organized from March 24 to 25, 2023, the fiftieth anniversary of the existence of their school. The ceremony was chaired by the High Commissioner of Nahouri Province, Auguste Kinda.

1972-2022, it's been fifty years since the public primary school of Songo was born in a class under a hut with 72 pupils. Today, it has 7 classes with more than 500 students.

To celebrate the fifty years of existence, the former students of the public primary school of Songo wanted to mark the event with a white stone.

Sports and recreational activities were organized for this purpose, including a conference on the theme "Contribution of former students of the Songo school for an efficient and resilient education".

For the president of the organizing committee, Elisée Atiana, the objective sought was, among other things, to create a consultation framework for all former students in order to meet the challenges related to the problems of education, to plead with the administrative authorities for the reinforcement of infrastructures in all the schools of Songo.

He added other objectives which are to improve the study and working conditions of pupils and teachers, to pay tribute to all the teachers and finally to express their gratitude to the State for the construction of schools in Songo.

“Fifty years later, if progress has been observed, it must be recognized that difficulties exist,” noted Mr. Atiana.

For him, these difficulties include the lack of educational materials and classes to absorb primary and secondary school students.

In turn, the Chief of Songo and former student, the Vice-President of the Special Delegation and the High Commissioner of Nahouri, paid a vibrant tribute to the talented teachers who have spared no effort to fight ignorance and provide quality men and women in all sectors of public and private administration.

They also congratulated the organizers for the initiative, because recognizing the sacrifice of these teachers is a very commendable act.

They also provided advice to education stakeholders in the municipality of Pô before inviting sons and daughters to support education because it is the foundation of all development.

During the ceremony, the organizers presented certificates of recognition to the former and new principals of the Songo school and to the pioneers.

Among them, Emmanuel Hien, 86, who led the first promotion to the examination of the Certificate of Primary Studies (CEP).

Before the start of the ceremony, the ditanyè was sung for a victory of the FDS over the forces of evil and a minute of silence was observed in memory of those fallen for the defense of the fatherland.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Ziro: Forty teachers equipped with gender-sensitive pedagogy

The provincial directorate of primary and non-formal preschool education of Ziro organized from March 9 to 10, 2023 in Sapouy, a training course on gender-based violence in schools. The start of the works was given by the director Assata Bationo.

For forty-eight hours, the forty primary school teachers reinforced their knowledge and practices on various specific themes related to keeping girls in school.

Through a participatory approach based on the experience of the participants, the pedagogical supervisors Bakary Zango and Yoribé Hamado Kafando, went through several modules relating to gender and development.

The salient points of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child were extensively explained to the participants.

Group and plenary work allowed participants to determine the principles of equality and equity between children, the forms, causes and consequences of violence against girls in schools.

At the teacher level, they have identified behaviors that teachers should henceforth banish or promote.

They urged them to change behavior and paradigm for the success of the young girl in school.

The provincial director of primary and non-formal preschool education of Ziro Assata Bationo was delighted with the results achieved by this teacher capacity building session.

Ms. Bationo urged participants to reinvest the knowledge gained with parents, students and their colleagues in schools.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Gnagna/Education: The Balanga school wins the prize for the best school

The public primary school "Balanga" won on Saturday March 18, 2023, the prize for the best School (EQAmE) of the Basic Education District of Bogandé.

“The prize for the best EQAmE School (Child-Friendly Quality School) is awarded to the school that observes the best hygiene and cleanliness conditions within it. Where the educational community shares information and communicates at best for quality education,” explained the head of the Basic Education District (CEB) of Bogandé, Flavien Yougbaré.

Among the 12 partner schools in the CEB of Bogandé, the Balanga public primary school was ranked first in the competition for the best EQAmE school.

For this coronation, she received the first prize consisting of 4 boxes of soap, notebooks, school bags and ballpoint pens.

A victory that the teacher Djabiemo Lankoandé of the Balanga school puts to the credit of the entire educational community.

“We have set up a typical organization. Every morning all the students, under the guidance of the Denkan Club managers, ensure the cleanliness of the premises and that of the hands. Parents of students also played their part,” he said.

Through the student Nadieba Chérifatou, the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the NGO Plan Burkina for its many actions in their favour. In front of the public, the students demonstrated their mastery of topics related to hygiene and cleanliness through questions and answers.

The Provincial Director of Primary and Non-Formal Preschool Education of Gnagna, Salam Ouédraogo, expressed the gratitude of all education stakeholders to the NGO Plan Burkina. Then, he pleaded for an increase in the number of partner schools.

The Bantia school, that of Ourgou and the Evangelical private school ranked respectively 2nd, 3rd and 4th also left with prizes in kind.

The activity is part of the implementation of the project to improve access for children and especially girls and their communities to drinking water, hygiene and adequate sanitation (PAEPHA).

The PAEPHA project manager, Clémence Tankoano, praised the professionalism with which the various activities were carried out in the field. She urged the actors to continue the activities in the different schools in order to guarantee quality education to the students.

To do this, the support of the town hall was requested for the sustainability of the achievements in all schools.

For the representative of the President of the special communal delegation of Bogandé, Oumarou Tindano, any activity aimed at the well-being of the pupils will always be a priority for the communal authority.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Police adopting technology to fight crime – D/IGP Katsigazi

KAMPALA - As Ugandans celebrate International Women’s Day, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Geoffrey Katsigazi Tumusiime, said Uganda Police is adopting science and technology to handle crime.

International Women’s Day Celebrations held at Sanga, Kiruhura district, is structured under the theme: Opportunities in education, science and technology for innovations and gender equal future.

The theme highlights the role of innovative technology in promoting gender equality and meeting the health and developmental needs of women and girls.

In a tweet today (Wednesday), Tumusiime said Police have introduced Closed-circuit television (CCTV) to help reduce crime in the society.

He said Police have also adopted a system where the scene of crime officers get evidence on the ground, which is subjected through forensic system to identify criminals and digitalisation of crime record mitigating system.

“Digitalisation of the process of investigations will be done from the time the case is recorded until it is disposed of at prosecution level,” Tumusiime said.

He said they have employed scientists in these areas including female Police officers in compliance to government programme of recruiting and training females.

Senior officers were led by Police director for human resource management Col. Jesse Kamunanwire, who is represented Inspector General of Police Martins Okoth Ochola at the celebrations in Kiruhura.

Source: New Vision

Women activists call for protection in digital space

Women's rights activists have raised concerns over the continued cyberbullying of women in the digital space.

In a joint statement by over 20 women's rights activist organizations, they argue that human rights and safety concerns such as cyberbullying, online harassment, and cyberstalking have become commonplace in digital spaces as part of a wider variety of violent behaviors.

The group says this disproportionately affects women and girls.

Some of the organizations include the Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET), the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA), the Centre for Women in Governance (CEWIGO), the Association of Uganda Women Medical Doctors (AUWMD), and the Women’s International Peace Centre.

The call came as Uganda prepared to commemorate International Women’s Day on Wednesday (March 8).

This year’s national celebrations will take place at Kaaro Secondary School in Kiruhura district under the theme 'DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality'.

'Legal environment is unfriendly'

The women argue that despite the passing of the Privacy and Data Protection Act to protect the rights of online users, there is still a huge presence of online sex content, pornography, or content objectifying women, and the consumption of such materials further motivates acts of violence against women.

They say this undermines the AfDec principle on gender equality, which requires the creation and promotion of online content that reflects women’s voices, needs, and rights.

This principle urges key stakeholders to ensure that the processes and mechanisms that enable the full, active, and equal participation of women and girls in decision-making about how the internet is shaped and governed are developed and strengthened.

“Beyond online harassment and cyberstalking by non-state actors, Uganda’s legal environment is unfriendly as it provides for surveillance and lawful interception and monitoring of communications in the course of telecommunications, postal, or any other related services or systems,” the joint statement by the activists reads in part.

They note that as long as there is insufficient progress on the structural issues, there will be an undermined ability to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, whose aim is to achieve gender equality by ending all forms of discrimination, violence, and any harmful practices against women and girls in the public and private spheres, and their full participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of political and economic decision-making.

They also highlight other barriers limiting women to the effective use of information communication and technology (ICT), including some negative cultural norms, unpaid care work, which limits women from fully engaging in the use of ICT, low literacy rates among women, and a lack of adequate skills, among others.

While addressing journalists at Ureka Place in Ntinda on Tuesday, Akina Mama wa Afrika executive director Eunice Musiime said the high cost of the internet is an impediment to access to digital technologies for women and girls in Uganda.

She said the government needs to establish broadband internet that is accessible and affordable to all Ugandans, reduce taxes on technology, innovation, and ICT equipment to make it affordable to average women, invest in skilling women and girls to enhance access and use of technology and ICT, and invest more resources in the Electronic Court Case Management Information System (ECCMIS) to enhance speedy access to justice for women and girls.

Gertrude Lamunu Too-rom, the head of communications at Barefootlaw, said that the ECCMIS helps to automate and track all aspects of a case's life cycle, right from initial filing to disposition and appeal, thereby reducing case backlogs within courts.

The activists further called on the ICT and national guidance ministries and the National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) to populate and expedite the implementation of the date protection policy by passing the required regulations and setting up relevant offices.

Source: New Vision

Kyambogo University invites applications for graduate studies

KAMPALA - Kyambogo University has invited applications for the admission to graduate studies programme (postgraduate diploma, master's and PhD) for the academic year 2023/2024.

Those interested in pursuing the different courses, according to an advertisement published in New Vision on March 6, 2023, shall be required to have the prerequisite academic qualifications.

Procedure of the application

The applicants are expected to apply and submit their applications using the link https//appy.kyu.ac.ug.

According to academic registrar Annie Begumisa, on submitting the form, applicants should print out a pay slip and pay a non-refundable application fee of sh50,000. International students, including Kenyans, Tanzanians, Rwandans, Congolese and South Sundanese, are required to pay sh75,000 excluding bank charges.

The applicants are expected to also print two copies of the filled generated biodata form, attached two certified copies of the academic documents, two copies of all other related academic documents, two passport-size photos and three referees’ letters of recommendation.

The different academic programmes are from the faculties of social sciences; arts and humanities; school of education; engineering; science; special needs and rehabilitations; school of management and entrepreneurship; school of arts and industrial design; school of vocational studies and faculty of agriculture.

Source: New Vision