Opening of the CMA of Solenzo: satisfied patients

The Medical Center with Surgical Antenna (CMA) of Solenzo, has started to offer care to the populations again, after a long closure caused by insecurity. However, some difficulties remain.

The Solenzo CMA reopened on March 26, 2023 after an assessment of material damage.

The work has started in several departments, according to the Chief Medical Officer of the Solenzo Health District.

Patients admitted to hospital wards are receiving care, the AIB noted on April 7, 2023.

A patient sitting on his hospital bed arrived by reference to the CMA since Wednesday April 5 following a crisis of malaria, testifies.

“Since I came, things have been really good because the nurses take good care of me and today I can even stand up and sit down,” he explains.

Another patient, who requested anonymity, adds:

“The opening of the CMA saved us because before we were told to go to Dandé. Which is not easy. Today what is a problem are the drugs because you can't have everything at the CMA and if you go out to pay, it's too expensive, ”he says.

Pediatrics, emergencies, the MEG depot and maternity are hard at work but with the minimum of materials for the happiness of the population.

According to the head of the maternity ward, pregnant women in childbirth difficulties have been saved.

“It should be noted that without electricity, it is very difficult because two units are still closed. Maternity was the most affected by the damage. Which makes it a bit difficult. I think that if the equipment is complete, everything can go back to normal, ”concludes the maternity manager.

Despite some difficulties and the lack of materials, the staff is doing its best to bring smiles to the population.

According to the MCD, the nursing staff responded present and in most services, the work is well done for the happiness of the patients.

But “what currently poses a problem for us at the CMA is two things, namely electricity and fuel”.

“The laboratory and the operating theater depend on electricity and without it it is very difficult for these services to open.

Also the lack of fuel prevents evacuations and the movement of agents for care is difficult, ”he explained.

Nevertheless, the staff remains confident that things will be back to normal.

Source: Burkina Information Agency